If you are an Android user in Nigeria then you are at the receiving end of the operator’s stick. Where a 1GB smartphone data plan

My Data Manager for Android

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If you are an Android user in Nigeria then you are at the receiving end of the operator’s stick. Where a 1GB smartphone data plan costs 3,000 Naira while an unlimited data plan on blackberry costs half that amount. Which is totally unfair, considering how much more fun browsing, tweeting and Facebook on Android is.

As such, for most Android users, data frugality is the watchword and that means a data management app like 3G Watchdog, Onavo count or any other. Having used some of these apps, only one app gets my recommendation, as most other apps are usually bare bones or ugly. My Data Manager manages to combine functionality and aesthetics in one sweet package.


The homepage of this app shows a bar that tracks the data used, lef and the time remaining. It also shows the data used today and the recommended daily usage (data remaining today).


Swiping left shows data usage categorised by app.


Another swipe shows data usage by day in a bar chart.


Another swipe shows data usage by apps in a pie chart. All these make for a visually stunning app.


The settings tabs accessed by a three dotted UI on the top of the app allows you to set up the data allowance, time period for the data, data already used before getting the app, daily usage alarms with an option to switch the data connectivity off when the daily data usage has been reached.

My Data Manager is available for free in Google Play Store.


  1. that is what I am using too.

    hands down the best (beauty and brains) out of several I have taken for a test drive.

  2. Ah, this is the My Data Manager that has crashed on me numerous times. I’ve tried Onavo as well, it was a toughie but decided to stick to 3G Watchdog.

    Guess it’s down to what works for each person.

  3. I’ve been using this app for some 5 months now and it is the best among the ones I’ve tried and I have tried quite a number of them too.

    This app neatly separates cellular data from WiFi data and will detect when you switch SIMs and save data from the previous SIM and create a new profile for the current SIM if none exists for it. The app is really well thought out.

    It is exhaustively detailed in all its analyses and there is very little I can think of in terms of new features. In addition to these, the app is also the most accurate among the ones I’ve tried. It is simply the best in this category and free too.

  4. I tried 3G watchdog a long time ago. It was terrible. I tried other ones but none satisfied me. So I stayed without any one until I read this article today. I’ve already downloaded it. So far, I’m loving it.

  5. @spacyzuma thanks, you welcome. The app is well worth a trial.
    @noni how long did u try the app, the crashing issues may have been fixed by now.

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