Like people have dream cars, dream phones, or dream houses I have my own dream app. This morning’s discussion with geek friends got me thinking

My Dream App

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Like people have dream cars, dream phones, or dream houses I have my own dream app. This morning’s discussion with geek friends got me thinking about my dream app again.

The app is a file transfer app, surprising that file sharing is something that’s possible today on all smartphone platforms. But it’s not just a mere file transfer app, it must be an all rounder.
The basic features of my dream file sharing app are as follows:

It is universal. That is operating system agnostic. The app shall have different versions for different smartphone operating systems (including desktop) that all work with one another regardless of OS and it must be on all (major) OSes. Like efmail and WhatsApp

It is wireless, but works without using internet data. Of course all (and non) smartphones can send and receive via email or WhatsApp, but what happens when you don’t have internet data?

It shall be relatively fast and with the capability to send large files. The only current wireless protocol I know that can do this seems to be wi-fi, which means the app will include the use of wi-fi as a file sharing method. Think Flash Share on Android.

It is capable of handling as many file types as possible. Think email and bluetooth.

It should be open source and easy to implement and operate. This last one is not a compulsory requirement but it’s essential because even if one developer can enable universal protocols for file transfer without the resources to make apps, others may be able to develop such an app or have better versions of them implemented in their own apps, open source also increases the chances of each major platform supporting such natively, driving speedy adoption.

Sigh! I dream of that day when I’ll want to transfer a 600MB file from a Samsung Galaxy device to an iPhone seamlessly. I think this is achievable.

There are several file sharing implementations that fulfil some or more of the requirements above. WhatsApp does a good job of being everywhere but it needs data and it only supports image, video and audio formats. Email can send anything but it requires data. Bluetooth file transfer is everywhere except on iOS, but its speed isn’t so great and it sucks for transferring large files. Flash Share has all of the above except that it is limited to Android devices. I have seen no app that has all.

If you know any such app that can send large files between any smartphone with good speed without using data, your suggestion is appreciated.

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  1. I have same wish. But I guess we cannot have it all. The owners of these businesses will rather retain differences in product feature, segregating the market.

  2. Send anywhere uses mobile data and cannot work except you have some form of internet connection. The reason such an app will not exist (or rather not existing yet) is because of the restrictions platforms like Windows Phone and iOS have in place. There are apps that can help you transfer any file type on all the platforms with WiFi connection only you will not just be sending things like with Bluetooth but rather, you will have to browser the Android device’s file system or part of it that you choose as your shared location and then copy whatever you want in either direction if using say, a dedicated FTP client.

    If your browser supports FTP protocol, then ES File Explorer, File Expert, Solid Explorer and FX File Manager etc can help you share your entire storage or specific folders with the other device only needing to type in the FTP server address provided by the app (and password, if your client or browser will not accept unprotected FTP servers as in Windows Explorer). You can also use any FTP client if available on the other platforms. Also, so many file managers on Android which include all of those mentioned above has this feature integrated.

    If this is not possible from your browser and/or there’s no dedicated FTP client for your platform, then File Expert can still help you share your Android file system or selected folder in similar manner as that of FTP server but in standard webpage that can be accessed by any non-proxy web browser and all that’s needed again is just the web address provided by the app and you can transfer files in either direct. There are other standalone web server applications on Android for this too but File Expert presents the files/folders in more elegant way that makes it retain the friendly file/folder icons that you are used to on your device rather than folder/file names alone as links.

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