My Experience Selling my Device Online

Recently I put up my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note for sale here on MOBILITY and on some classifieds websites such as Google Trader, OLX and Tradestable. I had never actually sold anything via online media and this would be my first time trying it out.

First thing I did was to create a catchy and informative poster of the phone and all that was being sold with it (picture below).


Then I drafted the post detailing what I wanted to sell and the main reasons why any prospective buyers should be interested in buying my device. After the post about the sale was published here on MOBILITY, I immediately posted it to the aforementioned classifieds websites. I share my experience with each of them below.

Google Trader Nigeria

Putting up my phone for sale on Google Trader Nigeria was pretty simple. All I needed to do was click on “Create a listing”, and after that, I granted Trader the right to link my Trader profile and Google + profile. (Link to the Ad on Google Trader). Here is a screenshot of the listing on Google Trader below:

From there, it was as simple as creating a listing, attaching the image, selecting the category and then posting the ad. Immediately after I published the ad, it was approved and I could see it via a simple Google or Bing search :))

OLX (Formerly Dealfish Nigeria)

I have used OLX to look for certain devices before, so the interface of the website didn’t look or feel strange to use. OLX, which used to be Dealfish Nigeria, was very simple to use. I created an account and even though the verification mail for the account took a little long to deliver I eventually got it. Here is a screenshot below:


After logging in to my account on OLX, I created an ad and added text/images, then I clicked on “Publish”. Using OLX was pretty simple really and the ad for my phone came up in about 30 minutes after I posted it.


Tradestable with it’s Nairaland-like feel was also fairly easy to use. Of the three major classifieds websites, Tradestable was the only one that gave me trouble when posting the ad. My ad was originally refused because I allegedly violate one of their rules. After getting turned down I re-posted it and it was approved. Here is the screenshot of the ad below:



About a day after I posted the adverts on MOBILITY, Google Trader, OLX and Tradestable, I got an offer via mail from a reader of MOBILITY. Within two days of the adverts being up, I had gotten four offers. One from Google Trader, another from OLX and the other two from MOBILITY. The main medium in which I was contacted as regards to the phone was by phone call with the exception of an offer which was transacted by mail.

I eventually sold my Galaxy Note to a regular reader of MOBILITY and we arranged the location where I was going to sell it. On the 31st of December 2012, I met with the interested buyer who is incidentally a long time friend of Mr Mo and after explaining and ironing out the little details, the phone was sold to him.


Initially, I was skeptical about selling my device online, but I’m glad I did as it offered me wider exposure as opposed to trusting on word of mouth, or in the worse case scenario taking it to Ikeja to sell for a beaten down give-away price. While there are dangers in dealing with unknown strangers when you get offers, with the right amount of common sense and bargaining power you will be able to get the best value for your used device.

Have you ever sold your device by posting it online before or are you hoping to do that? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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