My Experience with Etisalat Nigeria's EasyBlaze

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Back in September, Etisalat Nigeria launched Easyblaze, a mobile broadband 3.75G/HSPA platform. Since then, I have used Easyblaze consistently. Here is a brief account of my experience with the service.

Where’s the 3G?

One of the first issues I ran into after the launch was that I couldn’t get an Etisalat 3G signal on my mobile. Nothing that I did worked. All I got was a GSM/EDGE connection.

I eventually complained to a staff of Etisalat, who enlightened me that 3G is not activated on lines until a plan has been subscribed to. In other words, I needed to subscribe to one Easyblaze plan to get the 3G service.

Of course, I wondered why this piece of information was not made public or put on any FAQ document then.

Anyway, I subscribed to an Easyblaze plan, and just as explained, 3G came live on my Etisalat line.

Subscribing to Easyblaze

Subscribing is easy. You load the required amount of airtime and dial the specified code for the package of your choice.


Easyblaze is fast. Very fast. I have been blown away by the speed. It beats anything I ever got from MTN, Airtel, Visafone, Multilinks, Zoom, or Starcomms.

Notice that I left GloMobile out of that list. Yes; the only other mobile internet service that has delivered that kind of speed when it works is Glo. The operative phrase there is “when it works”. You see, QoS on Glo’s mobile internet (and Glo’s everything) has been really bad of recent that.


Easyblaze is good for everything you need to do with an internet connection – web browsing, email, social networking, downloads, the works!

For the most part, Easyblaze works. However, once in a while, it simply goes AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) and does not connect. One time, it went AWOL all night, which was rather frustrating.

Another time, it was several hours. The annoyances have increased of recent, though contacts in Etisalat cite cut cables and the like for the disruptions and say things are being fixed.

I hope that things get fixed. Subscribers will be delighted to have one network that they can depend on.


This is an account of my experience with Easyblaze. Your experience may differ, depending on your location.

I am still using Easyblaze as my primary mobile internet service, which is saying something. It is less schizophrenic than any of the other mobile internet services that I have used – and I have used all of them.

Do I recommend that you give Easyblaze a try? Yes; I do. Can I guarantee a good experience at your end? That would be between you and the guys at Etisalat.