Back in September, Etisalat Nigeria launched Easyblaze, a mobile broadband 3.75G/HSPA platform. Since then, I have used Easyblaze consistently. Here is a brief account of

My Experience with Etisalat Nigeria's EasyBlaze

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Back in September, Etisalat Nigeria launched Easyblaze, a mobile broadband 3.75G/HSPA platform. Since then, I have used Easyblaze consistently. Here is a brief account of my experience with the service.

Where’s the 3G?

One of the first issues I ran into after the launch was that I couldn’t get an Etisalat 3G signal on my mobile. Nothing that I did worked. All I got was a GSM/EDGE connection.

I eventually complained to a staff of Etisalat, who enlightened me that 3G is not activated on lines until a plan has been subscribed to. In other words, I needed to subscribe to one Easyblaze plan to get the 3G service.

Of course, I wondered why this piece of information was not made public or put on any FAQ document then.

Anyway, I subscribed to an Easyblaze plan, and just as explained, 3G came live on my Etisalat line.

Subscribing to Easyblaze

Subscribing is easy. You load the required amount of airtime and dial the specified code for the package of your choice.


Easyblaze is fast. Very fast. I have been blown away by the speed. It beats anything I ever got from MTN, Airtel, Visafone, Multilinks, Zoom, or Starcomms.

Notice that I left GloMobile out of that list. Yes; the only other mobile internet service that has delivered that kind of speed when it works is Glo. The operative phrase there is “when it works”. You see, QoS on Glo’s mobile internet (and Glo’s everything) has been really bad of recent that.


Easyblaze is good for everything you need to do with an internet connection – web browsing, email, social networking, downloads, the works!

For the most part, Easyblaze works. However, once in a while, it simply goes AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) and does not connect. One time, it went AWOL all night, which was rather frustrating.

Another time, it was several hours. The annoyances have increased of recent, though contacts in Etisalat cite cut cables and the like for the disruptions and say things are being fixed.

I hope that things get fixed. Subscribers will be delighted to have one network that they can depend on.


This is an account of my experience with Easyblaze. Your experience may differ, depending on your location.

I am still using Easyblaze as my primary mobile internet service, which is saying something. It is less schizophrenic than any of the other mobile internet services that I have used – and I have used all of them.

Do I recommend that you give Easyblaze a try? Yes; I do. Can I guarantee a good experience at your end? That would be between you and the guys at Etisalat.


  1. is it reliable during rain torrents, my experience with Etisalat edge has been pisspoor during rainfall the network. It just does the disappearing act until a couple off hours after the rain has stopped

  2. My experience is similar to yours. I have experienced only edge in most places in the last one week. But yesterday, things went back to being fast.

    In areas where only EDGE is available–like when I’m in Warri–it does not work so well. I will recommend it too above any other I’ve tried for now. I hope they keep up with the excellent service.

  3. sir YOmex, thanks so much for the review. you are simply put, efficient!

    was going to buy a modem today but I’ll slow down on that. i wish there was gist on the higher speeds de claim to reach with the more expensive modems? Have a wonderful day. cheers.

    since its your pry internet, it says a lot to me. I am a did hard glow fan but they’ve disappointed me for too long of late. enjoy today. thanks again.

  4. My primary internet connection at home is Swift(ashamed to put 4G cos that title has been abused in Nigeria).

    Anyways, its fast and I see download speed up to 180kb/ps.

    I really need to try Etisalat one of these days.

  5. i agree with Mr. Yomi on his experience.. initially when it was launched,i was told to subscribe to the 200mb and above plan before enjoying eaSyblaze.i did and i was still locked on took their IT department to sort it out after 2weeks. since then its been really fast.its connectivity is the most consistent for now.even when on 2g.

    etisalat my primary line so i enjoy uninterrupted internet access on-the-go and also when i need to do something on the system,i use their modem.. my prayer is that they build on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.. that likely to be the network of choice in the near future in terms of voice,data,coverage,etc

  6. Anyway, I subscribed to an Easyblaze plan, and just as explained, 3G came live on my Etisalat line.

    It is bad they have to keep that piece of information until they are contacted, but it is also very comforting that it worked as explained the moment you subscribed to a plan. This is something other networks (Glo in particular) are lacking seriously.

    Notice that I left GloMobile out of that list. Yes; the only other mobile internet service that has delivered that kind of speed when it works is Glo. The operative phrase there is “when it works”. You see, QoS on Glo’s mobile internet (and Glo’s everything) has been really bad of recent that.

    This is exactly my experience with Glo. Very fast when it is working only that at a point, it was more likely not to be working than working.

    I must confess that things have improved a lot since last week in my area. It is now more likely to be working than not working.

    I will give Etisalat a try soon, maybe when my present subscription with Glo expires. The restraining factor has been this extra 50MB that I get on Glo with my recharge of N1,000 before subscribing to any plan.

    Also good to know that the lowering of data bundle price has not affected Etisalat’s QoS in terms of data so much. Thanks for the info.

  7. All this complaint about mtn I don’t understand, I stay in apapa my bis subscription is with Mtn, I haven’t experience any problem I download at 300kbs and afternoons 180kbs constantly which is very ok for me.

  8. @bosun99uk

    Anyways , its fast and I see download speed up to 180 kb/ps.

    If what you really mean is 180Kb/s instead of 180KB/s, then that is very pathetic because when Glo is working, I get on average about 600-700Kb/s. The actual, speed hovers between 350-2100Kb/s. And that’s strictly for 3G as you know.

  9. I was at an Etisalat shop yesterday to make one complaint: Why must I visit your shops or experience centres every time I want to choose/renew a plan?

    The reply is the same I got last month and the month before; “Oh sorry sir, we are having challenges with USSD codes but we are working on it.”
    Like my previous visits, it took more than 30 minutes to sort this issue.

  10. I’ve had a pleasant experience with etisalat 3g both on my phone and using their mifi device. Wrote a blog about my experience a while back.

  11. Great talk, Mr. Mobility! Where I live in Sapele, Delta State; Etisalat and MTN Are trash. Even Starcomms that I was so incredibly proud of. Has joined the trash group. But all my HATE goes to that Godforsaken Empty Hen!!?

    Glo has been the Knight in shiny Armour that have come to our rescue. When it works I get up to 400KBS download speed. At sub-optimal moments I get 250KBS. RARE occasionG we have 150KBS. Those are incredible 3.75 speeds, if you ask me. I’m also delighted that Hlo is an indigenous company. I love to be associated with them! Rule your world!

  12. Let me join this conversation by saying that presently Etisalat 2g is nothing to write home about.I used to marvel at their efficiency but I observe a downward spiral of their service after they reduced the cost of their data offerings.

    In addition,most ISPs in Nigeria are inconsistent and unreliable.The truth be said:you don’t get what you pay for.

  13. @Harry and for the records.

    Swift has different plans and the plan am on has a bursted speed of 2mbps and when am downloading on my Laptop i see average speeds of 180kbps.

    For comparison sake I have posted a speed test to show the speed my internet is capable of on a good day.

    I believe the above is a better standard for comparison and you guys could also try yours, so that we dot get twisted in scenarios like this; If what you really mean is 180Kb/s instead of 180KB/s………….

  14. @bosun99uk

    on a neutral ground if swift is 4g ur downlink shud be 100mbit/sec which is equivalent to 12.5mb/sec and uplink shud be 50mbmbit/sec on normal download manager so if u get 180kb/sec on ur download manager that means the network sucks and shud be downgraded to 3g … Even on my mtn fastlink 7.2mbit/sec i get 600kb/sec on my download manager! And i have a friend that got 3000kb/s on his etisalat 42mb/s modem…. If u keep get that kinda miserable speed on the so called 4g network i wil advice u to throw there whateva device in the toilet lol… Its not what it

    besides no network in Nigeria has met the international requirement to be tagged 4g they are all still on 3.95g….

  15. glo is good on EDGE after i changed apn from glogwap to glosecure on my tecno t9. etisala is also good which i also use. maybe i will test em easyblaze after i get my andriod phone

  16. I’m running on Easyblaze and i submit that its really fast! meennn I dear say glo was not this fast back in the day when they were fast. Easyblaze is blazing fast. sorry no screen shots to prove this.

  17. @gcfr

    Should in case you missed it…….

    1. Its no news that Nigerians have abused the term 4G.

    2. I said above that; Swift has different plans and the plan am on has a bursted speed of 2mbps, and it is important to note that it’s not the fastest speed that SWIFT can reach.

    3. With the current speed, pages certainly opens fast and i will only have to wait when downloading heavy files which I do mostly over night, that not withstanding i get to download 1GB @1hour max. on avrg.

    4. I pay 6000/10GB or 8000/unlimited. for 6PM-8AM plus 24hrs weekends&public holidays. I always use up the 10GB so am now on unlimited. Since I started using Swift in March ending this year, I have downloaded over 150GB data.

    5. I use Swift for my home internet and use MTN & Glo on my phone on the go.

    6. If you want reasonably speed at a reasonable price with reasonable data allowance for home internet you will rush to get SWIFT or starcomms.

    7. You see, following your advice will be the worst thing I do this year.

  18. @bosun99uk

    I saw the image you provided its link but I’m not certain what to make of it. What your network ,provider thinks your device is capable of or what they advertised is not so important here. What I’m talking about is what I get on a day to day bases based on my usage experience.

    I know what my device is capable of or rather advertised as being capable of and what I get from Glo now is still way off, but it is encouraging and definitely better than what SWIFT is giving notwithstanding the fact that theirs is supposed to be 4G.

  19. Etisalat is better than others here in Awka_Anambra State. Although all the GSM networks down here has 3.5G/hsdpa networks, but is only on Etisalat that is have gotten download speed of upto 873kb/s on my IDM, that’s incredible, they are really trying 4sure.

  20. okay…it seems u changed my mind a little…..but why did u say starcomm?….can u compare starcomm with the likes of etisalat and Co…let alone swift

  21. @gcfr

    In my area Starcomms reach speeds of 280kbps and its also has unlimited plans.

    I love unlimited plans.

    But when it comes to the “total package” I still prefer to use Swift that Starcomms.

  22. It unfortunate very few people discuss location on this thread…your location is very important in choosing any internet service provider or else it will be from frying pan to fire…I use etisalat and I use to get up to 300kb download speed in my office @ home hardly you see one bar on the phone you may not even see network. Glo is not working again forget it for now maybe later, Airtel and others are out me it. I bet you you will never regret using mtn…almost everywhere you have 3g and it works fine.

  23. Etisalat has been quite impressive in the past week in Abuja (@ least where i frequent most)…aside from occasional downtime, it almost consistently functional with impressive burst speeds!

  24. Nice article but the author didnt mention anything about the top speed he got and the data limit.
    Etisalat and Glo are probably the fastest links available right now but they are quite unrealistic to people like me who CAN NOT do without download and who hate data limits!
    For me Swift is still the fastest cos u get a top steady speed of 180KBps. Glo may get you more speed but remember the only reason Swift is slower is cos the speed is capped at 2Mbps to avoid slowing down the network!

  25. in my area etisalat is the best,veryvery fast and mtn is the worst even there cell site close to my house.

  26. mtn installed there 3G equipment in there cell site since august and up till now there is NO 3Gservice from that cell site, by the way the cell site is at agbado-crossing(club road).shame on mtn.there data service is soooooo bad.

  27. Got curious about the Etisalat weekend plans and I decided to make some findings about it. This is what I got from Etisalat customer care.

    The EasyBlaze Night & Weekend is 9pm-7am on weekdays and has a download limit of 3GB.

    I actually thought the download limit was more than that.

  28. I got 3.5 mbps on etisalat but my probpem with them is that i dont know if anybody has noticed that your data runs out fqster on etisalat? Just to do a speed test cost me about 5mb on etisalat while the same test cost me just 1mb on glo.i actually did it out of curiosity because i movedfrom etisalat to glo and it wasnt like that on glo. Though the speed on glo is not as fast as that on etisat, my data doesnt ge used up anyhow.Has Anybody else experienced this?

  29. @delight, i have also noticed a discrepancy between what the networks report as data consumption versus what an app like SPB WireLess Monitor reports.

    The possible conclusion is that the way data consumption is measured may differ- or, there could be some manipulation to make extra bucks. I wouldn’t know.

    I know Zain- now AirTel -had VERY UNRELIABLE data billing system. If it happened with them, it could happen to any other network too-from time2time.

    The recent mess on GLO regarding haphazard data bonuses shows that the networks are NOT infallible…

    Eternal vigilance is what is necessary..

  30. Hmmmm… Easyblaze!!! It’s giving me hell where i stay (owode-onirin, lagos). Disconnects every two to three minutes and i’m not exaggerating. Is this what ppl have been praising? It’s terrible, i feel like pulling out my hair! Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
    Anyone experiencing the same problems? pls holla… Perhaps it’s my modem, or laptop, not etisalat (tho i hope it’s etisalat sha)

  31. IMHO, the most stable 3G signal i receive on my modem is MTN. Sorry MTN haters, seems they have got their technology right. No disconnecting, no such thing as going AWOL, it’s just stable. you gotta give it to the guys at MTN. Perhaps that’s why they just won’t budge on their pricing

  32. time is midnight… seems etisalat has heard my cry… i’ve started getting normal 3G speeds and less disconnection… NORMAL not spectacular o!

  33. alright just to be sure, i subscribed to MTN’s 150MB daily plan, and i’m getting a stable connection. I’m beginning to think that different SIM cards require different voltage supply. So maybe the SIMs that GLO and Etisalat supply (these 2 networks have frequent 3G disconnection problems ) need more power than a USB port can supply? Just speculating here… Pls someone help!!!

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