My First Blackberry Experience – Part 2

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munch 2010 12 08 055220

Coming to the Blackberry platform at the time I did wasn’t something I had planned on doing. In fact, a few weeks before getting the Blackberry device, Yomi and I had decided that the Blackberry wasn’t my type of device. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

My first impressions of the Blackberry 9630 Tour led me to ask myself where I got the notion that the only strength of a Blackberry device was messaging from. I was beginning to notice some other things that it did well, and in some cases better than some other devices that I’ve used.


Yes; the Blackberry handles multimedia well. While it may not be the best in this field, it is certainly not the worst either. And its multimedia capabilities will definitely be enough for most of its users (bear in my that the Blackberry is targeted primarily at business users).

I was able to get music onto the phone via both Bluetooth file transfer and USB cable connected to my PC. I was blown away the first time that I listened to music on the 9630. Before getting worked-up over me being blown away by a feature as basic as music playing on a phone, please understand that I wasn’t expecting much from this device. So when I heard the quality and loudness of sound it produced from its speaker, I was more than surprised.

Next up on the multimedia front is video playback. The 480 x 360 pixel, 2.4 inch screen may not be large enough to give you the kind of video playback experience you will get on higher resolution, large screen phones, but it does its job. An area of surprise here is that the Blackberry plays Divx/Xvid video formats out-of-the-box. This was something I couldn’t do on the Nokia 5800. Every time I wanted to watch one of my many Divx/Xvid encoded files on the Nokia 5800, I had to transcode to a format compatible to it. In this regard, the Blackberry trumps the 5800.

Photo shooting, though basic on the Blackberry 9630, is not bad at all. The 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, with LED flash, performs well for a camera in its class. For instance, the camera will be more than sufficient for a family’s day out on the beach. I won’t say any further on the camera’s capabilities; I’ll just let the pictures taken on the phone do the talking. Please click on each picture to see the full size images.

IMG 20110110 00018

IMG00029 20101226 1315

All in all, the Blackberry has shown that when it comes to multimedia, it is a capable device. And I say, more than enough for me.