My Misgivings About Blackberry For a long time, I stayed away from the Blackberry device because one of my misgivings about the Blackberry device –

My First Blackberry Experience

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My Misgivings About Blackberry

For a long time, I stayed away from the Blackberry device because one of my misgivings about the Blackberry device – in my own words – was, “The only strength Blackberry has is Push email“. Every time that I spoke to people who wanted to get one, I told them that there were devices that did Push email and much more.


Another myth that I held about Blackberry is, “It is not user friendly“. This was a device that I hadn’t used and yet I held a very strong opinion about. This is so typical of the average Joe out there.

My next misgiving is an offshoot of the previous. Because I thought it was not user friendly, I naturally concluded that everything about it was going to be complex. Using it wasn’t going to be simple, and tethering with PC was going to be complex. As such, I kept my distance from it all together.


Finally, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get on the Blackberry platform the applications that are so loved by me on Symbian. Apps like the torch light app (allows me to use the camera light as torch light), Bible application with multiple translations, screen shot application that allows me to capture the screen of my phone, etc, are examples of such.


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The Mist Clears

Fast forward to my 10th wedding anniversary last year. I wanted to give my wife a special gift, and Mobility Nigeria made a Blackberry offer that I couldn’t pass up. So I got her a Blackberry 9630 Tour.

As it turned out, my wife thought that the phone was rather big and looked masculine – not something that she would love to use. So we swapped phones and I ended up with the Blackberry.


My first day with it, I thought, “If I get this device to tether with my PC with ease and I am able to use it as a modem for my internet access, I just might keep it“. Surprisingly, when I installed the desktop manager on my PC, and connected the device, I was prompted to input the network settings. This I did and presto, I was browsing away on my existing internet bundle plan. It was so easy to do that I instantly fell in love with the Blackberry phone. I must say that at that point I had not subscribed to BIS.


Secondly, I set out to get those must-have apps. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to find those apps and the best part of it was that they were all free.

At this point I was more than sold and loving the Blackberry phone. My first ever experience with the Blackberry platform was turning out to be a very pleasant surprising one. Would there be more surprises as I used the phone?


If you want to know the answer to that question please come back for the concluding part of this article.


In the mean time, for all our Blackberry readers, please use the comment box below to share with us what your first steps with Blackberry were like. We’d really like to know.

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  1. 10th wedding anniversary, ummh, congrats. We will get there, God willing.

    Yes, Blackberry. The truth is, like everything in life, it is a matter of choice. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

    Please read my post, Push Email – Revisited (sorry for advertising my blog) and you would understand what i am trying to pass across.

    For the regular folks out there, sure, the blacberry is good enough. But for me, well, it is not that straight forward.My reasons;

    – Pricing. Competition has reduced the pricing to an extent but they are not there yet.
    – Would i be stuck with just a device from a manufacturer?
    – Can your device use wifi for its messaging services?
    – For those with multiple phones, what steps do you go through to copy your contact details, tasks, emails, etc
    – How about use of Microsoft Outlook for your communication in real time conjuction with your phone(S)

    I have been using mail2web for over 2 months (for free, trial period is usually 2 months but i got an extension) but i do not have any regrets. I use it on my HTC TiTn II, E63 and Microsft Outlook and all my contacts, tasks, emails are in sync on all phones with messages delivered promptly (emphasis on promptly). I also intend to use it on my tablet very soon. Same service, multiple devices, real time message delivery.

    The Blackberry is very good, but like every service the GSM companies provide, expect hiccups, it is unavoidable. About a month ago, glo blackberry was down in PH for about 2 days. Stuffs like that happen.

    Summarily, i believe it is a matter of choice as i really see myself tiring out using blackberry after a short while.

  2. If Blackberry works with normal internet bundle to push mail it will be a must have phone for everyone, but……………..apart from the status Blackberry is a good phone.

  3. If you have not owned a blackberry before, you cannot qualify to talk about it. Having and using are two different things and two different feelings.

    Another point to note in that (@artwalz), not every one can be that technical to do all that stuff you do with outlook on your phone, so, they pay for the ease and the comfort by owning a blackberry.

    Fastforward to 2020, everybody is using a BB (including YOMI, yes), why? Messaging is one method of passing message that has come to stay. even the traditional sms is perceived to be dead, but it is not. the number of traditional messages (sms) that people send everyday is still very huge, then followed by instant messaging, before voice and data.

    #1 The BB integrates messaging very good, they’ve got it. And you need to see how a single convert to the #teamBlackberry is embraced, it is like a society, that is gaining more followers.

    #2 the blackberry subscription would soon come to < N1,000 as the number of people having it increases. (write that in pencil, so if it doesn't come true, you clean it. if does, look for me and give me a high 5.)

  4. Hello Jesse

    No, i do not own a BB but yes, i have used a BB intermittently.

    There is nothing technical about configuring a phone or on microsoft outlook, i believe everyone does that.It’s just a case of getting more value for your money.I guess that is what everyone is looking out for.

    Like i mentioned, it is a choice. I can get good messaging service using and good smartphone out there instead of the proprietary restrictions on the BB.

    I have tried both and i have made a choice. A single person in a million may just be interested. Why not give it a try, you just might like it.

  5. I’ve always disliked and avoided blackberry.

    When the post on BIS AND INTERNET BUNDLE PLAN was posted some days ago, I felt like a fool after reading all the new BB terms and techniques. I resolved to borrow or rent a BB for a month and get myself acquainted with its usage.

    I look forward to hearing more about Dayo’s experiences with the BB II. I saw his tweet about waiting hours for BIS activation at Airtel. I had always thought one just had to load credit, send the appropriate sms/code and get connected.

  6. Jesse,

    Fastforward to 2020, everybody is using a BB (including YOMI, yes)

    No oh! I am not using a Blackberry; my wife is. I prefer a device like the N900 to a Blackberry anyday 😉

  7. I, on the contrary is what. You might consider. A blackberry. Addict but when I got word that there was a hack to install android on nand. Memory for my windows based HTC hd2, I took the plunge, I installed android 2.3 gingerbread and I must. Tell you I have not used my bb. Since then I am loving android so far, I installed whatsapp which is like bbm and the virtual keyboard is the best on any touch screen Phone I have ever used. I mig not dump bb, but I am impressed by android 2.3 Gingerbread. For the hack instruction go to pocketnow. com

  8. Blackberries are good mobile phones but I see nothing special about it. If you are more of a multimedia person like me you would not appreciate a BB. What’s so special about the messaging capabilities of a BB when other mobile phones can also perform the same thing?

  9. My main issue with BB was the initial 5000naira. I was just not convinced that it worths it. Lets hope MTN does not go back to 5000naira.(Sorry, I want MTN only for BB lol)

    Can anyone use App World on thier BB, if yes, can nigeria buy apps or just free apps. (Yes, I know there are lots of places online where I can get apps for BB)

    I have decided to buy a BB soon, because
    1. I need to feel the things under the hood.
    2. Every Body in my office has one, so I need to get one before i miss an info.

    Will it be my primary phone NEVER.

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