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Do you remember my friend who I mentioned was sticking to hardware QWERTY BlackBerry till further notice? His name is Brym, and he owns a BlackBerry Q10, which is his primary device. Brym and I go years back to the time when Android, iOS, WebOS and Windows Phone did not exist. We rocked the worlds of Symbian, Palm, and Windows Mobile together. And hardware QWERTY was what we lived and breathed by. Like me, Brym has found it tough making the transition to full touchscreen.

Thinking to give touchscreen a try again, he had purchased a 5-inch Android smartphone recently. However, he was barely able to use it and so asked me to put it up for sale for him. I agreed to do that and eventually did. That was a few days ago. He had said to me then:

Sticking to QWERTY devices henceforth. For me, Android is better experienced on bigger screens..phablets and tablets. Poor me. I am stuck to BlackBerrys and feature phones.

Early this morning, I received a message from Brym:

If the phone is still available, please kindly send to me later today or tomorrow. I want to use it as my only device from February 1 and see how long this experiment (endurance test) will last.

Yes; using a pure touchscreen device is an endurance test for him. It was for me too. We were both hardware QWERTY fans to the core. I think I have successfully moved on though. Anyway, we went back and forth making arrangements for where and when to meet. Finally, we seemed to be close to an agreement and I gave him a location and time. Here was his response:

Too late! Let me postpone this experiment for another time. Just a few hours without BIS, I am missing the BB. Please, still put it for sale, if you don’t mind. Won’t change my mind again.

I was rolling on the floor in a moment. Oh; I know these things. I have been there too – vacillating between this staying with this device and moving on with another. His response was so real to me. It is perhaps similar to war veterans returning home to find that life had changed while they were away and now trying to settle in.

For now, Brym stays hugging his BlackBerry, while the new Android smartphone stays on the sales shelf. Perhaps some day soon, he shall complete the transition and feel at home in the world of full touchscreen. Perhaps it is about time someone starts a QWERTY Anonymous group.


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