Having used a tablet device – the Samsung Galaxy Tab to be precise – for a while now, I must say that the form factor

My Gadget Wish for 2011

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Having used a tablet device – the Samsung Galaxy Tab to be precise – for a while now, I must say that the form factor is a winner in my books. I am especially in love with the 7-inch screen that makes ebook reading, web browsing and video playback a joy.

Also, having phone functionality out-of-the-box is one feature a Tablet device must have to make me look in its direction.


Okay, you are probably getting bored and asking yourself, “When is this guy going to get to the part where he tells us what his gadget dream for 2011 is?”

Here is my 2011 wish list:

  1. A 7-inch tablet
  2. Windows Phone 7 OS with copy and paste, bluetooth file transfer, mass storage via USB, tethering…. you get the idea.
  3. Standard USB port for both charging and PC connectivity.
  4. Phone functionality out-of-the-box.
  5. 100GB of built-in hard disk space, plus memory card slot.
  6. Between 6, 000 to 10, 000 mAh battery capacity that will last 24hrs of heavy use.
  7. I also wish that Nokia will be the manufacturer behind this device.

This is definitely not all I wish for my 2011 gadget. But having all of the above will definitely get my attention. What does your 2011 wish list look like?

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  1. 24hr battery life with heavy usage? Bros u dey vex oh!!! Anyway in addition to ur wish list, dat device shuld sport at least an 8MP front and rear camera, preferably with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash. Hopefully a minimum processing capacity of 1GHz dual core. 512 RAM.

  2. my dream gadget would be an enhanced “Nokia 5800” with a 4.5_inch screen, an internal memory of at least 512 mb, dvb-h, and an indefatigable battery life!

  3. I wish I could merge the best of nokia N8 and E7.
    16 Gb internal memory
    512mb ram
    1 gb rom
    micro sd slot
    4 inch screen
    1500 mAhr battery
    800 ghz processor
    12mp camera with xenon flash, auto focus, & video light

  4. nook colour(7.5 inch),with built in nokiaN8 characteristics+paper ink 2,dual core juju(2ghz)processor

  5. My Gadget wish for 2011 is a Nokia E7 with 1GHZ processor and 1GB RAM plus the camera functions of Nokia N8 and a funky UI for show off.

  6. my dream gadget would be an xperia play . it puts the best of a psp and an android powered smartphone in one device

  7. iPad 3 baby! Retina display, increased disk space, even faster processor, iTunes cloud…

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