My Glo Bolt Experience, by WorldFamous Lammy

I misplaced my Glo NETPRO modem sometime in October, and had been looking forward to getting a replacement modem. My intention was to have the new modem unlocked, so as to be able to use SIM cards from other networks on it.

Glo Bolt Modem pack

Last week Thursday, Globacom used their social media handles on Facebook and Twitter to launch their new Glo Bolt internet service and modem. So much was said about it and the Globacom handle on Twitter took time out to hype and answer questions from intending buyers like me. Excitedly, I hurried to the GloWorld outlet at Idi-Oro to get the new modem for myself. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. At the Surulere store, they were also out of stock as well.

Eventually, this Monday, I got the on modem for N3,999, and registered the SIM card that came with it for N3,999. As announced, the package had free N50 airtime and 500 MB data bundled. On connecting the modem for the first time, I was able to browse using the N50 promo airtime that came with the SIM card. On exhausting this, I reconnected and WALA – the 500 MB free data kicked in automatically. This was contrary to what the official Glo Twitter handle told me that I needed to subscribe to a data plan to activate the 500 MB free data.

I have been using Glo Bolt for two days now and I think that the internet speed is actually over rated for the following reasons:

1. I have not been able to get full network bars since yesterday evening;

2. I downloaded 60 MB data in 10 minutes. I think that’s not impressive for a product that shares a name with the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt); and

3. The connection usually disconnects every 5 minutes.

Looking away from those 3 points, I think that Glo actually has a very wonderful and juicy package. Apart from my first free 500 MB data, there are other benefits attached:

1. 200 MB free data after every internet data subscription for 6 months i.e if I subscribe for 200 MB data (for N1,000), I get another 200 MB free;

2. 30% bonus data on every data plan I subscribe to. Here is how this works: apart from the fact that I will get free 200 MB of data for the next 6 months, I will also get 30% on my data plan. That means, if I subscribe for the 200 MB package, I will get 260 MB plus my free 200MB monthly bonus, which totals 460 MB data. That’s very reasonable to me.

3. Another striking advantage of the Bolt service is the ability to share your data with other GLO users. For example, if I am a subscriber with the GLO number 0805555xxxxx, I can share my 200 MB data with user 0805766xyxy. I have no control over how much data he uses, but I can monitor the usage (I haven’t tried this anyway).

In the meantime, there have been some service issues. For example, I haven’t been able to connect to the internet since 3pm of Tuesday November 27th. I hope that Glo resolves this quickly so I can enjoy my 278 MB data without any more hassles. I also hope to unlock the modem so that I can use it with other networks’ SIMs.

I will be sure to keep you guys posted!!

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