My Glo Line, Windows Phone, and Glo Customer Care

Nokia Lumia 610

Some days ago, I mentioned that my experience with my Glo SIM in every Windows Phone smartphone that I have used is that despite having an active data plan, my airtime is deducted for any internet usage. This was my experience with the HTC HD7 HTC 7 Mozart, and now with Nokia Lumia 610. In every other mobile, and with the same GloFlat settings, there was no problem.

I had also done a small experiment. One after the other, I entered in the various Glo internet settings, including Glogwap, and my airtime was still deducted from. I also deleted the APN settings totally, leaving them all blank, and my airtime was still billed. This told me one thing: this unholy union of my Glo SIM and Windows Phone was not recognising any configuration settings that I entered. Between the two, they had their mind made up about how to channel internet service to me.

Witches and wizards at work!

Two evenings ago, I had called Glo customer care to lodge a complaint. My wife, who is not a geek, was sitting by when I made the call. The rep who spoke with me kept on and on about how it is not possible that I have the correct settings and my airtime would be depleted instead. No explanations could help her. She had been programmed to say that, and she just went on like a drone. I usually don’t do it, but I hung up on her. My wife was amazed too and commented on the ignorance on display. She actually suggested that I look for a way to get contracted to train them. Not a bad idea, I say. But permit me to stay with the topic.

This morning, I headed to my favourite GloWorld at Opebi. I was assigned a ticket. When my turn came, I explained the problem to the sweet looking lady who attended to me. She immediately concluded that hat I didn’t have the correct configuration settings – the same sentiments a reader here expressed when I first raised the subject in a recent article. The same mantra that the customer care lady on the phone had repeated. Talk of programming.

You know me. I can’t shout. I configure phones for internet usage in my sleep, and have been doing it for years – even solving cases that the networks’ reps cannot handle. If I can’t get a phone to browse correctly, chances are that it is a network issue. I can stake a year’s income on that. Anyway, I handed her the phone and asked her to take a look for herself.

She went through it and entered in what I suppose were what she thought was the correct configuration settings, then handed it back to me with the instruction that I try browsing again. I opened a couple of webpages in the browser and then checked my account balance. Twenty-something naira had disappeared from my airtime. She frowned slightly and beckoned to a colleague of hers, from whom she requested that GloDirect be de-activated on my line. That confirmed my theory about the unholy alliance between my Glo SIM and Windows Phone OS.

In the meantime, I took a quick dive into the settings of the Lumia 610 to see what different configuration settings she had put in. I wasn’t disappointed: it was the very same GloFlat settings that I had put in there by myself. D’oh!


Here is a breakdown of my theory. This issue will be peculiar to users who once had GloDirect service activated on their lines years ago ever before the new GloFlat settings were introduced. GloDirect offered mobile internet at lower than regular tariffs, but was pay-as-you-go. Billing was done from the user’s airtime. It appears that unless that service is de-activated, there is something about the way that Windows Phone is built that it locks on to it and uses that regardless of what other settings are entered in the device.

If you find that despite having the correct GloFlat settings on your device, your airtime is being used up when you use internet services, it is likely that you once had GloDirect activated on your line and that is creating a conflict on your line as is my case. Go to the nearest GloWorld outlet to have them take a look and where necesarry de-activate GloDirect.

Fingers Crossed

Anyway, I was informed that the de-activation should be effective within 24 hours, and on that note, I took my leave. I am keeping my fingers crossed till tomorrow morning when I will test out Glo internet usage on the device again. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I do not have to pay another visit to GloWorld on this issue.

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