My HTC One X heads to the UK for repairs

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If you have been following my adventures with the quad-core beauty, the HTC One X, you know by now that her three capacitive buttons suddenly stopped working a few weeks back, rendering the sleek device useless.

A couple of restarts and resets didn’t make any difference. Those buttons have remained as dead as a Dodo. I have contacted HTC Global support, and they have asked me to send her over for repairs. Well, that’s better than having a scrap device in a drawer somewhere.

HTC One X in hand

I love the One X. She is the best Android smartphone I have ever used or played with. I love her dearly. She is sorely missed already, and I hope that she comes back to my strong, caring arms again – and give me no further troubles! Ah, me and women issues!!

  1. So your One X is a woman now she’s giving you troubles abi? God dey!

    The One X seems to have a reputation for playing up. Hope you get it back in good working order. I remember when I had to send my HTC off and it was back in a short space of time. Can’t fault their response times and Customer Service, when it works well it works like a dream.

  2. Abimbola, it was purchased in the UK and shipped here. From what the HTC reps said when I spoke with them, it has a global warranty on it, meaning that it is covered.

  3. Sometime in June HTC asked me to bring my Evo 3D to Europe for repairs after I repeatedly complained about strange overheating of the device and consistent total battery drain that required me to use a desk top charger to revive the battey.
    But unlike Mo, I was asked to send it to a service centre in Spain, Czech, or Germany. Since I don’t have a contact in those countries who will mail it or drop and pick it, I turned to XDA Developer again for solutions.
    Mo, how did u send yours?

  4. From what the rep told me, HTC is picking up the tab. I was given a UPS account number – probably an account that they maintain for this purpose. I sure hope that the reality doesn’t deviate from this information on paper.

  5. I will forward to you the mail they sent me. Please let me have your advice.
    While the overheating has stopped since I upgraded to ICS, the extreme battery drain that requires using an external charger to revive the battery still persists.

  6. I have read the mail. I think that you should still send it. if it is on global warranty, you should be able to get it done in the UK too. That should make things more straightforward. Perhaps you can give the UK centre a call to explore that option.

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