Advertisement My kids (a boy and a girl) are both in love with the red Nokia Asha 501 that I am currently reviewing. They have been all…

My kids love the Asha 501. Their mom too

Asha 501 Stereo FM


My kids (a boy and a girl) are both in love with the red Nokia Asha 501 that I am currently reviewing. They have been all over it all morning. Their love isn’t just because of the attractive exterior though, the extensive range of games that are available on the platform, the Stereo FM player, the nice audio player, and a few more, are all things that draw them. Boy Mo particularly wants it for those games.

To make matters worse, Boy Mo pointed at the Asha 501 and asked if it isn’t smarter than the Lumia 920, Lumia 720 and Phantom A (pointing to them too). I gave him a very evil side eye. Blasphemy!!!! How dare he? What irreverence! Anyway, they both want an Asha. Boy Mo wants the 501 while Girl Mo says she likes both the 501 and the 210. My children’s response to the Asha 501 confirm what I said earlier that Kids will take to these phones. And we all know what happens when kids wan’t something. That thing sells!


But it wasn’t just the kids. I was quite surprised when my wife saw the phone last night and built a camp fire around it. She examined it in her hands a bit, ooh-ed and aah-ed a bit, then immediately asked me what I intend to do with the phone when I am done reviewing it. Men who know women know what language that is. Well, I promptly told her that I would be keeping it. “Will you be using it?” she pressed. No; I will keep it, whether I am using it or not.

Seriously, I am not giving the Nokia Asha 501 – or any other phone – away. How am I supposed to build a museum of mobile if I keep giving my phones away? If anyone of them wants an Asha, it is money for hand, back for ground. I can’t be shouting please.

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  1. Money for hand, back for…….. .????

    Are we talking business here? Abeg, Mr Mo no fall ya hand o! If pikin want something e go pay too??

    I can see you buying three Asha 501 phones after this review. One for madam, the red one for Girl-Mo, and the yellow one for Boy-Mo. 😀

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