As far as I can tell, Smile 4G LTE currently offers the best broadband services to the mass market in Nigeria. I have used the

My love affair with Smile 4G LTE ends (not quite)

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Smile 4G MiFi

As far as I can tell, Smile 4G LTE currently offers the best broadband services to the mass market in Nigeria. I have used the service since February and for the most part, it was superb. If you read my earlier review, you will remember how my MiFi registers between zero and one bar, but I got steady service and consistently clocked 7 Mbps and above in download speeds.

However, I now battle to get anything done day after day. Service quality has continued to deteriorate here – signal disappearing and the MiFi searching for network, and sometimes my devices being unable to connect to my hotspot (all of them at the same time).

The interesting thing is that I have been to locations that didn’t have Smile 4G coverage before and now register full bars and good service there. But here, I am left stranded. This looks like a case of Smile 4G not being ready to invest in covering my neck of the woods properly yet.

I have emailed Smile customer care with details (in tech, email is a better medium for support, especially if you are initiated, because you can itemise issues and provide screenshots, et al), but till date, I have not received one single response to my emails.

I have called the customer care line and it is the same ritual – power off your MiFi, remove and clean the SIM card, put it back in and restart. Sometimes, that works; sometimes, it doesn’t.

I am officially done with Smile 4G for now. Perhaps at a better time when they are ready to invest in this side of town, I shall revisit their service. So, while Smile 4G may still be unrivalled in terms of delivery where they have better coverage, the service is useless to me for now. Outside of my primary location, it still delivers (there may be other areas of poor service in addition to my area though).

I am putting up my MiFi and SIM for sale. I have exactly 6.907 GB of data on it, and I am letting the whole package – MiFi + SIM + Data – go for just N12,000. Call 08187775484 to make the purchase if interested.


Smile 4G reached out with a solution to my problem.Please read: How a router put a Smile back on my face.


  1. Happy to know smile is the best around. What you experienced is temporary. Sure will be fixed once they invest in your area. Swift4G needs to learn a thing or two from smile. I last had MB/s download speeds when they just launched. Now with too many subscribers, they can hardly compete.

  2. Mr. Mo.
    I live outside Lagos & data (across all platforms) where I am at is atrocious.
    So no cigar on your sales offer.

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