My Mobile-Only Day One

Yesterday was Day One of my mobile-only experiment. It generally went well with minimum hitches. So, how did my mobile-only day one go?

Mobile-Only Day One

How Did My Mobile-Only Day One Go?

The HP TouchPad, a tablet running WebOS, was my primary computing tool. I did lots of web browsing on it, as well as all publishing of articles to Mobility blog.

Editing articles in the blog’s WordPress interface was generally okay. I had a minor issue with the WebOS browser while putting text in blockquotes though. Instead of putting just the highlighted text in the blockquotes, it would include all text in the text box. As such, I have been having to do blockquotes manually.

Besides publishing here on the blog, I did most of my tweeting on the Samsung Galaxy S II, and a little bit on the Nokia E7. All my instant messaging was done on those two as well, as the TouchPad is a very limited computing tool due to the extreme lack of 3rd party apps to extend functionality. Android and iOS tablets are far better value for this reason.

My Mobile-Only Day One has come and gone. Keep a date with me tomorrow for my memoirs of my Day Two.

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