My Mobile-Only Day Three

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SpazHD for TouchPad

Yesterday Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 was my mobile-only Day Three.

It was largely a run-of-the-mill day in terms of my work schedule: write and publish, administer, tweet, and manage mails. As such there wasn’t any significant deviations from the norm.

I did get to do most of my tweeting on the HP TouchPad though. WebOS, which the TouchPad runs, does not have a large array of apps like iOS and Android, or even Symbian and Blackberry. Or even Windows Phone. There are so few apps in the WebOS store, and only free apps are available to Nigeria.

Anyway, I ran into a Twitter client named Spaz HD. The app is an open surce microblogging client for Twitter, and StatusNet and is still a Beta Preview. However, it turns out that it works well.

Setting up my Twitter account happened stresslessly in some moments. The interface is very similar to what TweetDeck for PC had before the most recent update that messed everything up – Vertical columns presenting your information.

Spaz HD screenshot

Multiple Twitter accounts are supported. Available features include: timeline, mentions, direct messages, auto-refresh, and notifications. Support for URL shortening and image hosting is also there.

You can reply or favourite a tweet, re-tweet directly, edit and re-tweet, and even send a tweet via email, SMS, or instant messenger. Contents of tweets can also be copied to clipboard for use in other apps.

Spaz HD is a very comprehensive app and now I have a TweetDeck-like experience on the TouchPad. Small as it may be, Spaz HD just made the HP TouchPad more useful for me.

Besides the arrival of Spaz HD into my mobile computing life, Day 3 simply went by without incidence.


  1. My name is in your tweets, I am popular now.(Dancing BB Icon)
    Anyways, had and sold a few touchpads and still use the Palm Pre 3, fantastic devices for business use the dearth of apps was the sad part.
    Try Skyping on the Touchpad, I think its actually better than on PC.

  2. Hmmmm…will definitely switch to this Spaz HD app. I ignored it and installed Tweetpad instead. But tweetpad refuses access to DMs, Search, and Lists unless I buy the Pro version.

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