Sometime late last year, I observed a physical fault on my Nokia N8. One of the two screw points on the lower jaw (that small

My Nokia N8 returns from Nokia Care

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Sometime late last year, I observed a physical fault on my Nokia N8. One of the two screw points on the lower jaw (that small strip where the menu key and microphone are located) was loose and the jaw began to wobble a bit. On closer inspection, it looked like there had been a break at that small critical point where the screw held the jaw to the main body.

Now, I am not in a habit of dropping my phones. As a matter of fact, I am one of the few people who truly know how to maintain tools. I use phones for a year, and they are in almost new shape when I sell them off. I drive a 2.5 year old car purchased brand new – and everyone thinks it was purchased 6 months ago. That is how careful I am with my toystools.

Anyway, I didn’t mind the loose section of the jaw much, until the same thing happened to the joint on the other side. Now, the joint on both sides were in effect broken. Still, the jaw didn’t come off.

Checking aroound the internet, there didn’t seem to be evidence that this was a standard problem with the N8. Apparently, this flaw in my unit was an exception, so I don’t think its something that aspiring N8 owners should worry about.

Anyway, I finally got round to sending my N8 to Nokia Care at Ikeja last week to have the lower jaw replaced. Honesty, I expected a bill, and I got one. It would be hard to convince anyone that I had not dropped the N8 to inflict that kind of damage. I was told that the replacement would be ready within 7 days, as the parts with the exact colour of my device was not available and would have to be ordered.

On Saturday, I received an SMS from Nokia Care notifying me that my device was ready for pickup. That was sooner than I had been told, so that was a good thing.

My assistant returned to Nokia Care yesterday to pick up the device. The jaw had been replaced but she was told that there was no charge on the replacement. She returned with the cash I had given her for the job.

While no company’s customer care is perfect, I have not once been disappointed by Nokia Care in all my years of taking my devices to them. I remember how they fixed (at no cost too) the E90 that I bricked on the very day that I purchased it. I remember Nokia Care replacing the failed keypad on mom’s mid-tier device after over 6 months of use – free of charge too

Apparently, Nokia is serious about honouring the warranty on their devices. It is one of the reasons that people who are serious about value should spend their money on devices that are officially supported here in the country.

Well, my N8 is back, looking good as new, and I can publish some comparison shots with its younger brother, the E7. Watch this space.


  1. It is great to know that Nokia stands by its warranty offer.

    The key thing is to always buy your devices from accredited dealers ONLY.

    While NokiaCare would work on even Nokia phones bought from any DickTomHarry, they charge different-higher- for repairs effected on such phones.

    it is pleasantly surprising, though, that they did not charge for what apparently looked like a user-inflicted damage – dexpite its still being under warranty!

    Warranties usually do not cover such situations.

    Kudos to them!

  2. This is one of the reasons why Nokia will always have the majority share of phone users in Nigeria, and subSaharan Africa.

  3. When i buy a nokia phone from an accredited dealer, do i have to register the phone with nokia or sign a nokia warranty form with the dealer so as to be covered by the warranty?

    Please Yomi explain the process one goes through to get a phone repaired from the nokia care center and what are the requirements, for example should i bring the receipt and original packaging?

  4. Nokia has been in the forefront of mobile development. It is no surprise that they have impeccable customer support. And what endears me to them is that Nigeria is well recognised in their system. And also well supported! Other Manufacturers Should take note! Nokia leads by example!

  5. johnny,

    You don’t have to sign any documents with the dealer. Just ensure that your sales pack specifies Nigeria and that warranty documents are in the pack.

    When you need service, simply take your phone to Nokia Care. You do not need to take any documentation. They run a system that identifies your phone via its IMEI and can tell whether or not it is still under warranty.

    If you purchase a high-end device, you may get a Nokia VIP card that entitles you to premium service. You should take the card with you or have the card number at hand. You’ll get service without the card though, but you’ll get VIP service with it.

  6. A couple of months ago I and a family friend bought two Apple TVs from US, unfortunately for him the remote control for his own Apple TV was faulty and now we are waiting for when next someone is traveling for US to get a new one. If Apple had such presence in Nigeria I am very sure we would have gotten a new one. Impatiently waiting for this.

    Nokia has really done well with their presence and customer care support.

    Gives me rest of mind.

  7. This is one of the good reasons I might jump ship from android and join the nokia family once their windows phones start coming out. We are a big market that should be supported by all the manufacturers.

  8. Yomi please I have a fault with my nokia c7, the lower screen is not responding to touch, my sister got the phone from uk for me. I want to know around how much it would cost me and the location of the nokia centre as I live and work in ife. il really appreciate any help I can get. thank you and God bless.

  9. Nokia pls ,after doing ‘ delete and restore to factory setting’ my n8 has not been able to connect to ovi store.all other things are working fine . Pls help,i’m dying of my apps there !

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