My Nokia N9 arrives tomorrow!

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nokia n9

Yes; you read right: my Nokia N9 – that MeeGo-powered smartie that everyone has been raving about – arrives tomorrow. It feels good to be one of the first guys to own one in these parts.

Considering that this is going to be a rare device (very limited copies are being produced), you can imagine how I feel. Would I be able to sleep tonight? Would I be able to sleep for days after it gets to me?

If you have seen videos of the N9, or read any of the various hands-ons available on the internet and seen the superlatives that this device has been described in, you will understand my excitement.

That curved display. That body. That user interface. The swiping. The caressing. Tap. Knock. Remember NFC? What of the camera? The browser.

The flaunting. The “Oooohs”. The “Aaaahs”. The swagga. Too much.

I’m itching to pitch it against its older sibling, the N8. Zonks; I’m itching to pitch it against anything in the smartphone market right now.

But I have to wait. Till tomorrow. If I pass away overnight from cardiac arrest, y’all know what was responsible. If you believe in prayers, pray for me. No; don’t shake your head. I already know that I’m pathetically, hopelessly irredeemable.

  1. I’m happy for you, I’m so eager to see your write up on the device. I beg stay around this our realm till much longer than tomorrow o! God bless you real good.

  2. lay ur hand on it and tell us who wins:N8(D BEAST) or N9, even though N8 is still waitin for Belle. Wen u hav both, give both a fare hearing, no PDPism. Some people cant wait just lik u too, to see wht u will review, not from video seen on net, bt frm 1st hand xperience.

  3. Lovely, Yomi. How much did you get it? Did you buy it from MTN? I’m still as delighted as you for you to get the Nokia N9. I can’t wait for a review of the device from you. I’m still searching for my ultimate device!

    Would it be the iPhone 4S, the unannounced Google Nexus Prime or the magnificent Nokia N9?

    Let me patient and wait for your review!

  4. Men i envy you O.But all the same, iam happy that my reliable blog has got my dream phone earlier than ever expected,that means a realiable review shall be out soon.Congratulations! to you & all the mobility blog fans.

  5. Good job! cant believe this monster phone that has put us long into suspense of what a Mee-go phone is gonna actually look like is finally here and will soon be in your hands….cant wait to get a hands on review of it…:)

  6. i think we’v gone beyond the generation of buying a fone bc it’s made by nokia ,samsu g or apple

  7. @deji…yah, I tnk one shld buy fone bcos of wht it has, wht it can do, and wht u really want to use it for. But hahahahah…some harden fans of some brand dont want to kno dat sha, well, na dem sabi

  8. nokia is not ready for excellence.what will it cost to have made n9 screen to be 4.3 ” i’m a student and i need to use my fone to read coveniently ! I use n8 at present . My friends using HTC HD 2 ,conveniently use their for that.why can’t it be android OS ? what is in meego,n9 is already outdated.i thought would die for/with nokia b4 , but not any is talking of 1.5 GHZ dual core ,nokia is just parading 1 GHZ and they are is no longer ready to take the front seat in mibile technology again : i agree with them that such a position is not easy to maintain

  9. At his level, Yomi does not need to buy phones again. He has paid his dues in the industry. I’m very certain that’s a review unit which he maybe allowed to keep. I look forward to his objective reviews.

  10. Mr Yomi..Can i come and squat In your house for 1week pls? I know how to pound yam very well..and when i wash cars you wouldnt know they are not brand new…
    I’ll do all that for a chance to handle d N9… Lolz

  11. The device is awesome Yomi,trust me…..Used it for a lil while (approx 10mins) before it was zapped from my hand by the engineers who wanted to bite me,lol….bt its great,ul love the display and the SWIPING….i trust u to get used to the fact that there’s no homescreen button,lol

  12. Cool, do you have a micro sim card ? The phone isn’t on par with the N8 in terms of features …

  13. I hereby publicly state to everyone that has read or is reading this post, that I am bidding for 1st purchasing rights of Yomi’s N9 when he’s done with it.

    Ye be warned!! :((

  14. yomi may be playing with the Nokia nokia N9.but am here spending the. whole night with a Google nexus So excited!

  15. I don’t get Crazy over Nokia Phones again, ever since i bought the Nokia X6 and Later N8 and yet nothing New show Up, I have decided to go off! Nokia is not worth this Suspense jor!!!

  16. @Shayman Which of the Google Nexusare you playing with? The Nexus one, Nexus S. Or the ultimate Nexus Prime?!?

  17. @afewgoodmen. Nexus S. I now understand you guys android data issues complaints. 20mb vanished in less than 3hours and i didnt do much..i couldnt have used 2mb on my symbian..just light browsing with opera on edge o…

  18. I think the only phone that will get me so excited as Yomi today is the 3D experience on the LG P920.
    Watching 3D clips
    Playing 3D games
    Taking 3D photos
    Now, if the iPhone 4S had these…

  19. (
    Shayman >> I now understand you guys android data issues complaints. 20mb vanished in less than 3hours and i didnt do much..i couldnt have used 2mb on my symbian..just light browsing with operaon edge o…

    This is y I merely guffaw derisively when people tell me how wonderful Android is!

    An OS that will send me to the “poorhouse” with its ravenous data consumption? Please!!

  20. @eyebeekay Symbian all the way abeg! Am hoping WP7 Will not be data intensive with the live tiles too…

  21. @Shayman

    Rumours reaching us state categorically that the next iteration of the Android OS (ice cream sandwich) would come with a special feature to curb this data guzzling pastime of Android. You would be able to control how each app in Adroid 4.0 (ICS) do with your data.

    So we are waiting for next week when Android 4.0 and The Ultimate Nexus prime would be exposed by Google/Samsung to the world! Then we would understand it better by and by!

  22. nexus prime is it. just that its launch has been postponed as a Mack of respect for the late Jobs. very thoughtful of samsung/google I will say.

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