Back in November, Nokia had announced an update of the N9’s firmware to 20.2011.40-4. Since then I have checked every blessed day to see if

My Nokia N9 Gets 22.2011.44-2 (PR1.1.1), Not 20.2011.40-4 (PR1.1)

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Nokia N9 PR1.1.1 Update
Back in November, Nokia had announced an update of the N9’s firmware to 20.2011.40-4. Since then I have checked every blessed day to see if my update was available. day after day threw this disappointing message to me: “Your device is up-to-date”.

Finally, a few minutes ago, my device prompted me of an available update, and it turns out its version 22.2011.44-2, which reads like a more recent version of than the earlier announced one. checking the “About” menu, the new version is listed as PR1.1.1

In addition, there are other smaller application updates with this for the following applications: User Guide, Twitter, Store, Real Football 2011, Ovi Music, NFS Shift, Galaxy on Fire 2, AP Mobile, and Angry Birds Free.

N9 Update In Progress

The entire update was done over-the-air (OTA) and lasted less than an hour. Though I did a backup, I lost no files or settings in the update process. Everything went according to the text book.

As of now, I have noticed some visual and performance improvements in Facebook and Twitter (including photo upload). Visual improvements are also visible in the Messages app, plus some performance improvement in the general UI. I will have to use the mobile some more over the next few days to observe the improvements.

In the meantime, exploring the new firmware should cure me – if only temporarily – of the terrible boredom that I have been experiencing in the last few weeks.


  1. …wish android could have OTA updates… less stress…

    OS immaturity,, friend. Immaturity..!

  2. Congrats! You’ve waited long enough.

    How large is the update file(s)? Did you do it via Wifi, or with your glo data bonus?

  3. Why terrible boredom????

    You do know all the places to check (aside from Nokia store) for content right?
    Once you work that out, there’s definitely enough overall.
    One could never get through all of it…*

    I’m still making use of all the stuff built-in, let alone trying all the external stuff.
    And I’ve had mine for 2mth+ now….

    *unless you’re a heavy mobile gamer that requires slick mobile games

  4. (Glo wiped out my data bonus weeks ago)

    Thought I was mistaken. I had about 25GB of bonus data. After I had used less than 3GB, I checked one day and it was about 150MB.

  5. The inability to scroll through text boxes on web pages has not been fixed in this update

    this impediment is similar to what i have when editing text boxes on my Nokia 5800, using the Swype application. You can only see two lines of text at a time, with each line made up of about 20.characters. This makes texting error prone, unless one finds a workaround.

    What i do is -type using an app like QuickIffice / Office Suite (i can see multiple number of lines), then copy and paste into where it is needed.

    This is one reason the convenience of system_wide copy & paste ability can not be over-emphasized on any platform..

    There used to be an app by Juriy Barkunin (JBak) that allowed system_wide MULTIPLE copy/paste (Symbian 60 3rd Ed.). Would love to see an app like this on other versions / platforms.

    Hunting, no luck jusqu’ici..

  6. for where??? i’ve not been able to do it oh… i used mtnfastlink,visasurf… i didnt get past stage one… i had to use wifi for 3days… it will either download and say my phone is not recognised by the system or day corrupt file… i just left it… praying for OTA or would you want to help me out??

  7. @fortespy
    I updated mine when I was in South Africa using wifi network in the hotel I Lodged. Though the wifi was not really strong but I was able to update mine after several failures. Just keep trying especially on a day that you have a good network. The new update is really sexy, you can scroll to the 7th shortcut on the home screen by swiping right which is not achievable on the default firmware and so on……

  8. etisalat has just launched the Samsung Galaxy Note which is up for pre-order now with a couple of freebies.. i just did my pre-order now.. that one will come with 2.3.5 out of the box and those that have 2.3.4 can update O.T.A. i’ll wait and enjoy it on dat device..

  9. @fortespy
    I’m just waiting to update my SGSII to ICS from 2.3.5 whenever it is available..

  10. Android does OTA updates since the first version, my old Google G1 updated from 1.5 to 1.6 OTA in 2009. And all without me prompting it to, always zapped my airtime, got me bugged then.

  11. @martinkem
    well those updates are wey back in time.. now its via computers/laptops. i’ll probably wait and give it another shot when ICS comes out..

  12. Mr. Mobility and Austine,

    I’m still enjoying my bonus Glo data. But for the past 3 Weeks, I haven’t been able to check my data balance when I dial 124 and 1241. Last time I checked, I think I had about 20GB left.

    What I do is: avoid subscribing to any data package; avoid recharging with N500 and above.

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