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We have often said here at MobilityNigeria that there is little functionality that the newer crop of smartphones offer that the older generation (up to about 3 years ago) don’t. In this interesting article, MobilityNigeria contributor, Brym, presents why the Sony Ericsson P1i, a Symbian smartphone released back in July 2007, is still very much his beloved.

After 27 months of usage the Sony Ericsson P1 is still my device of choice. This is obviously one device I have used the longest, beating the i-mate Jam by two months. So, why I am finding it difficult giving up the P1?


Four reasons:

1. Dimensions: For me, it still has the best dimensions and weight for a touch screen smartphone with qwerty keypad . At 124gm, it is about the lightest and most compact touch device out there.

2. Excellent multimedia/enterprise co-efficient: good camera, music and video playback on an equally effective business phone with strong PDA functions.

3. Mods: Ah, since I hacked it, I can’t do without the mods (Torch and Notes mods from SE G900, Walkman 3.0 from SE W960, clock, sound mods and more).

4. Gdesk: I am still crazy about this customizable UI application which enables me to use different UI designs for different days of the week. See screenshots:

BlackBerry a

BlackBerry b

Hero Android

HTc Diamond


Ubuntu b

WinMo6 UI

Xperia Panels

So, how much longer do I intend to use the P1? Dunno, maybe until it totally packs up or when a truly revolutionary device is released.


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  1. @Brym!, I share your passion for this device. I was actually recently considering buying this ‘old’ but impressive ‘machine’.
    What discouraged me was the the OS on board (and by extension – the third party software it can run)

    I have compedium of indispensable (for me) third party applications, accumulated over a long period. These are all Symbian 60 Version 3 & Version 5. I consider some of them sooo good that they are worth buying a Symbian S60v3 / S60v5 device – just to run them !!!

  2. @eyebeekay, how can I have some of those s60 3rd apps. If u dont mind I can tell u my email add for u to send them to. I am especially interested in those that are Version 5….

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