Remember that sleek quad-core, 2GB-RAM Android smartphone from Innjoo that had myself and several others drooling? It was the One that Elroy described as the

How my romance with the Innjoo One 3G HD came to an end

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Innjoo One 3G HD glass back

Remember that sleek quad-core, 2GB-RAM Android smartphone from Innjoo that had myself and several others drooling? It was the One that Elroy described as the fast race horse in our review. Plus, it cost just less than N30,000 in the market. And the guys at Innjoo had said that it would receive Android 5 Lollipop update.

Well, my romance with the Innjoo One 3G HD is over. Here is how it happened.

After we were done with our review of the device here at Mobility Arena, we kept it in the office for reference purposes. It was always in my care. If it wasn’t in my hand, it was locked away in my drawer. Eventually, months later, we decided that it was time to sell it off. A buyer paid and after doing the mandatory hard reset to clear the phone of my personal data, we shipped it off – the same way we had shipped hundreds of other phones to customers across Nigeria over the years.

We were surprised when the buyer called to say that the phone was defective and wouldn’t come on. After some back and forth with members of our team, he took it to Innjoo’s care centre at Ikeja where it was opened for inspection. The diagnosis returned was that the phone was “water damaged”. That was odd. It never came in contact with water in my hand. Water has never got into my office or drawer. And the phone pack is still with us and is intact. There is no touch of water on the pack – and the phone was always in that pack when locked away.

Eventually, we asked the buyer to return it and we refunded his money. We exchanged a few mails with Innjoo and we were asked to send it in for examination.

Once again, Innjoo returned a verdict of “water damaged” and slapped on us a bill of N19,000 to repair the phone. A member of our team has been to Innjoo twice, and Innjoo is sticking to its diagnosis of water damage. I am sticking my reputation on the line to affirm that water did not once touch that phone during its time with me, and that it functioned without any issues till the time we shipped it off.

I have owned over 135 smartphones in over 10 years. Only one of them ever got damaged in my care. One. That was a Samsung Galaxy S2. It fell from my hand, hit the floor and the screen was shattered. I paid for the replacement of the screen myself. Back then, it cost me N25,000. I took good care of the Innjoo One. If it had gotten damaged in my care, I would have had it fixed at my own expense (and I would never have allowed a faulty device be shipped to a buyer).

So, here are the possibilities that I can see:

  1. Innjoo used defective (rusted material, hence the appearance of “water damage”, if at all) materials in the production of the phone (which we cannot prove)
  2. Somehow, between our office and arrival at the buyer, the phone got water damaged (which I doubt, as there is no trace of water touching the sales pack, plus the pack was sealed in the mandatory synthetic bag for shipping)
  3. The phone got water damaged in the hands of the buyer (which we have no way of proving either)

Whatever really happened, I am not spending N19,000 to repair the Innjoo one 3G. I have moved on. May its soul rest in perfect peace.

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  1. So the phone cost 30k and water damage repair cost 19k. Toss that one aside and forget it, I don’t see any value in getting it fixed.

    But that “water damage” thing sounds familiar…

  2. Buyer here.

    Well thankfully u did confirm the Innjoo diagnosis.

    Though the point is moot, i can confirm that the device spent all of 3 hours with me. I actually placed it to charge and went to do a sim swap at MTN, only to get back and find it would not come on. I actually had not even used it.

    I sent it to the Innjoo repair shop through one of my workers, and when they told me the verdict i actually was so surprised i had to go there myself. There i met no less than 9 other individuals with similar issues (who got similar bill).

    From what I gathered, they had a really high return rate but were only taking warranty claims from devices sold through Jumia. I do believe the said diagnosis was only a means of avoiding warranty claims.

    As for the so-called water damage, it wasn’t rainy season.Otherwise i might have even been suspecting the fellow i sent with it.

    And water is not even allowed in my office space. We have too many documents to risk that and having water at your desk is actually a punishable offence, ‘Oga’ inclusive.

    Finally, If you reverse positions you would understand why even i could suspect that i was deliberately sold a lemon.

    But then again, this is all moot.

    Thank you for returning my money anyway. It was the first time i would ever attempt to purchase one of these chinese devices. Its something i will not repeat for a very long time to come

  3. This is very interesting, I say:

    I sent it to the Innjoo repair shop through one of my workers, and when they told me the verdict i actually was so surprised i had to go there myself. There i met no less than 9 other individuals with similar issues (who got similar bill).

    Also, if it is true that Innjoo is only taking warranty claims from devices sold through Jumia, they will end up hurting their own business. Here is how I see it:

    1. your device is available officially only through an online retailer that sometimes takes two weeks to deliver
    2. I want your device and cannot endure the endless waiting for delivery, so I go pick a unit up from a shop in Ikeja
    3. my unit develops a fault and you do not take a warranty claim on it because I didn’t buy from the online retailer
    4. result: next time, I will stay away from your brand

    I can only hope, for their sake, that the warranty claims thing isn’t true.

  4. I don’t ve a particular reason but I just never liked injoo. Never used one, never even seen one hence my choice to dislike sometimes baffles me. But then I do trust my instincts. Don’t see my self shelling MY money on Techno either. If I was made to choose among the common “Chinese” brands in nigeria then it would be Gionee>Infinix>Techno>Injoo.

  5. Okay o. Innjoo is on fire right now. A colleague of mine uses the innjoo fireand she complains bitterly of how it freezes up and doesn’t respond to touch for hours later.

    Why would a brand that is new into our market space be dropping the ball so badly like this? Are the questions of substandard material usage any true?

  6. i currently use the innjoo one. bought it from jumia in february. Using the phone hasn’t been easy. hours after buying it, the phone freezed when i connected to a wifi hotspot. i restarted and it didnt power on again.

    I took it to the innjoo shop, showed them my warranty documents, and voila, my faulty phone was replaced with a brand new phone. (this shows that the model i bought was factory-defective).

    i used my second innjoo one for exactly one week. tried to perform a bluetooth file transfer, and gbam! the phone freezed again. took it to the innjoo home. this time, it took me two weeks before my phone was replaced (they ran out of stock, and had to ship in new stock from dubai). everybody who knew me and my innjoo story laughed at me always. (whenever i told them, my phone is faulty. agaaaiinn, they ask?)

    a software update was released in April, however. i uinstalled it and my innjoo one has been working well. Except for the crazy touchscreen issues i had with the phone around may. yes, agaaaiiiin? you ask? took it to the innjoo home, and the screen was replaced.

    my take on innjoo? they are not sooooo bad! they are not sooooo good either. I’m out

  7. I use a pre-ordered unit InnJoo one until recently that I added a “dash me” iPhone 4s as a second device. The device actually developed fault (charging port) about 4 weeks ago but I got it fixed free of charge at InnJoo service centre. Met another customer there though that told me, that’s a common problem with the One – He has changed his 2ce and he came with a friends!

    Still rocking the One though! 🙂

  8. My name is Charles based in Ibadan Nigeria I want to sell off my innjoo ONE 3G HD phone. It’s having touch problem but it’s working perfectly when using you won’t be able to go back.
    Am selling it for 10k if interested
    Am in Ibadan
    University of Ibadan 08057770935

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