It was with some trepidation that I slotted my GloMobile SIM into my Blackberry 9810 a few days ago. My first romance with Glo Blackberry

My Second Romance with Glo BlackBerry

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It was with some trepidation that I slotted my GloMobile SIM into my Blackberry 9810 a few days ago. My first romance with Glo Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) in July 2010 had ended up a disaster. Back then, the connection was very epileptic and unstable. I would often go for hours without BlackBerry service. Eventually, I gave up on Glo BlackBerry service and got rid of my BlackBerry Tour 9630. There was only one word to describe it: crap.

I have since avoided Glo BlackBerry like the plague. Whenever I needed to review a BlackBerry device, I would go for the often more stable service from Etisalat.

However, I was active on Glo BIS for seven (7) days and it was a more stable affair. As a matter of fact, there was hardly any service failure besides a couple of minor moments. I daresay that I was impressed. Speed was very good for both general browsing and downloads. Or was I just lucky this time around?

I did have one issue: using BlackBerry’s mobile hotspot, deductions for usage were done to my airtime even though I had an active data plan and had the GloFlat settings enabled under TCP/IP settings on my device. Besides that, my experience with the service was good.

I know that performances of these services are often location dependent. If you use Glo BlackBerry service, what have been your experiences in recent times?


  1. Trust me, your aren’t lucky… Its the all new Glo. I was kind of optimistic when I decided to switch to glo BIS, I have a friend that uses glo, I must confess, the service is wonderful and shocking. This is my second week and I am glad I chose Glo. I pray and hope it continues like this tho…


  2. In the very recent past, there has been an appreciable improvement in data services rendered by Glo and Airtel. someone also mentioned on this site about achieveing incredible download speeds on the mtn network….. does this have anything to do with the fines placed on them by NCC which they have refused to pay? probably they have an agreement to improve tremendously on their services

  3. I don’t have issues with glomobile BIS, my problem with them is that the service could be down for days without any clue as to what is happening to the consumer(s). And if you intend to seek for any form of compensation, you are simply on your own, though a few people have been lucky.
    I have since moved on to Etisalat. Most importantly their 3G is not active in my area. In case you need their blackberry email address helpdesk, try:
    Good luck.

  4. Hi, Mr Mo. Did you say you used Blackberry mobile Hotspot?

    How, please?

    Is it model specific?

    I use Curve 3G.

  5. Lat,

    BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot is available only on devices running BlackBerry OS7.1. That Curve 3G is not supported on OS7.

  6. Glo doesn’t have 3G yet in my area, so I simply left it out, so far so good Etisalat & Airtel rocks.

  7. “…someone also mentioned on this site about achieveing incredible download speeds on the mtn network…..”

    *chuckles* Can I get the person’s phone number for confirmation cos its the same MTN that left me staring morosely at my BB while it lazily downloaded at an amazing speed of 3kbs (it sometimes reached 5kbs then probably remembered who was waiting for it, laughed scornfully and proceeded to 1kbs before stabilizing at 3kbs again) on 3G.

    Unfortunately Glo and Etisalat Sim requires I contact a CC agent to configure it for BIS. Airtel seems to be okay but haven’t tried BIS on it.

    Mtn BIS would expire on the 1st of July, won’t mind a better alternative.

  8. Glo in my area hasn’t got 3G, most especially in my house and even the bis service is darn poor, once it rains, no service, there was a day I was shut out of the bis service for two day only for me to restart the phone and then it started working; if. Or for the fact that I enjoy their tariffs on international calls; I would have jettisoned glo long ago, it is still crap i IMHO

  9. I left glo months ago. 3G wasn’t stable in my area. I switche to Etisalat and I have been enjoying it until of late when I hardly get 3G again. Airtel is a total zero in my area. I might try MTN soon

  10. I use a curve 7 but anytym I put on my mobile hotspot it deducts my credit even if I av my bis on…pls wat can I do cuz I’m really frustrated n also is it cuz I ported to glo dats why its nt working cuz my brother also brot a new sim but it doesn’t just shows connecting on my iphone but on d curve 7 shows connected…I really need help,thanks

  11. Hello Phee, to share GLO BIS, you have to install Blackberry Desktop Manager and tether from your Blackberry using a USB cable, create a new access point with APN settings: Connect and enjoy

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