My Smile 4G LTE SIM acts up

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Smile - No 4G LTE SIM card found

I have had a mostly superb broadband experience on Smile’s 4G LTE network in the last two weeks. A major hiccup kicked in yesterday though: I woke up to meet the following message on my MiFi:

No 4G LTE SIM card found.

I am inclined to believe that the problem is with the SIM card, though it could also turn out to be the MiFi. I restarted the MiFi a couple of times, and even removed and re-inserted the SIM card. Nada. The situation has been forwarded to Smile customer support. Anyway, I have been without my beloved Smile broadband internet since then. In the meantime, I am borrowing Mrs. Mo’s Visafone EVDO connection which gives me painful speeds in the range of 0.85Mbps.

Visafone EVDO speedtest results

A very painful unscheduled downgrade, if you ask me. Here is hoping that Smile customer care acts speedily.


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