My Sony Ericsson X1 Pet Peeves

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The X1 is undoubtedly a very good smart communications device. Still, there are no perfect devices out there, so here are a few things that annoy me on this one:

  1. The Panel Button: Why dedicate such a prominent button to a feature that one does not use so often? The button is hard-coded to let you switch panels – ONLY. Errr… that does not sound like something anyone should be doing daily. I wish I can re-map that button to do something more useful.
  2. The back cover requires a plier to pry open each time. Perhaps this is why some X1 users have cracks on their cases?
  3. The QWERTY keyboard needs more tactility. It works just fine, but could be better. Makes me long for my E90’s excellent keyboard.
  4. Task Manager: I wish that the built-in Task Manager can be mapped to a hardware button (preferably the Panels button). That way, it is easier to switch between running programmes.
  5. Loudspeaker: Why did SE put in such a small loudspeaker on this? There are software audio boosters to help boost the sound volume, but a bigger speaker (or two of the built-in one positioned on two separate sides of the device) would simply have been better
  6. Active Sync: This is peculiar to all WM devices I have used. Active Sync is simply too obstructive in its operations. It distracts, annoys and gets on my nerves.

Well, that’s my list of irritants on the X1. None of the above is a deal-breaker for me. In all, the X1 seems to be a well-rounded smart device.

Have you used an X1? Do you have any other irritants? Are any of them deal-breakers for you?

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