My Sony Xperia P’s phone app now lags

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I have had a Sony Xperia P smartphone with me for review since February and it has been a pretty good phone. Of course, like any other phone, it has its weaknesses too. However, a bug (or problem) showed up recently. When I launch the phone app and dial a number, the app just sits there sometimes for up to 30 seconds without responding, after which the number or contact is dialled.

Since this issue first showed up over a week ago, it has now become the norm. Having to make an urgent call has become a very frustrating experience. Dial (or select phone number) – Wait – Call Initiated.

I have checked the internet and have been unable to find others with this issue, so I am believing that this should be an isolated case. If you remember, I also mentioned how this Xperia P’s camera flash is also not properly aligned, making shots taken with flash basically useless. Hopefully, a software reinstall or something similar can fix this phone dialling lag. In the meantime, this unit makes for a very frustrating mobile phone.


  1. Sony phones seem to have a problem with their dailer app. I can assure you that your case is not isolated

  2. Usually, a soft reset would settle it and as for the malaligned camera, when you take a pix, hold it in position for a few more seconds before moving your phone to look at your snapshot.

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