My Special 2012 Christmas Present

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When we think of Christmas presents, we often think of grand and sentimental things. Well, I got an odd gift last Christmas (2012).

I was on my way somewhere and the heat was sweltering. I sighted one of those young men hawking handkerchiefs in traffic and beckoned him over.

“How much?” I asked?

“Fifty naira”, he replied, and began to pull one out. I reached for my wallet, opened it up and found that I had no change on me to make the purchase. I apologised that I wouldn’t be making a purchase, letting him know that I had no change. I began to move on, when he shoved the handkerchief into my hand with a smile and waved me off!

I was momentarily dazed, then thanked him as I went on my way. I kept wondering what motivated the generosity. But as a matter of fact, I don’t receive odd gifts like that everyday, so I embraced that good feeling that one gets from receiving a random act of kindness. It may be a cheap handkerchief, but it was my gift.

Yes; a simple, inexpensive, plain white handkerchief – my special 2012 Christmas gift.

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