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As if I have ever gone on permanent exile from BBM. I am no stranger to exiles from BBM. Back in the days of legacy BlackBerry, whenever I switched from a BB to another platform, I automatically disappear from BBM. Understandable. This present exile is a bit different. My BBM account is quite active as I type this, receiving messages and updates, but generally ignored by me. Ask me why.


I shall assume that you asked. You see, the BBM account is active on a phone with a relatively small 3.5-inch display, which makes typing a hellish nightmare for me. I have large hands and big fingers. Have a look:
BBM on 3-inch display

Typing on the SOLO S350 is best suited to people with smaller hands. It is an impressive device in its class and for its size. However, my fingers are too large for me to be able to carry out any comfortable typing on it. And I tried. Honestly. I tried for the first few days, but my responses kept getting shorter and shorter as the frustration of typing on the small display took a hold of me. I am almost fully in its grip now, and so barely bother any more. I mean, life is too short. The last set of discussions that I had on there were so riddled with errors that even those I was chatting with had a good laugh at my expense.

So, to all my BBM contacts, who are probably tearing their hair out wondering why I am not responding, I say, No vex. Na condition make crayfish bend. When I get a more comfortable display size running Android, I shall respond to your backlog of mails. Or perhaps I may wake up tomorrow morning feeling inspired to take on all the problems of the world. In which case, I shall start with typing on that tiny screen.

  1. waoh, that’s a surprise. It’s being my keyboard from Symbian days, however why should it be allowed for phones to come with 3.5 inch screens.

  2. When I get a more comfortable display size running Android, I shall respond to your backlog of mails.

    Eeya! Sorry sir! No vex!

    Well, they say if one has been eating the ear of an elephant, the ears of an antelope no longer suffices.

    Imagine that a few short years ago, 3.5 ibches was considered big! Life!

    Meanwhile, I would agree that, on a touchscreen of this Lilliputian dimensions, a keyboard that supports swiping (like Swype, SwiftKey, KII) really does take the pain away..

    And, yes, am never going back to small screens again. Never. Ever. Nothing less than 5 inches

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