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I am a layman in these matters, but I have a theory, and so I can only put it in layman language. Professionals will have to bear with me. My theory is that the very first requirement of being an influencer or a leader over others is that you have the ability to hold their interest. Perpetually, actually, if you want to remain in that role perpetually. I believe that you stop being able to influence or lead someone as soon as you stop being interesting to them.

Like a tweet that I read this morning says, the problem is remaining interesting for long:

Remaining interesting for long is not a trait that a lot of people have. Remaining interesting for long to many people is difficult. Yes; other traits are required in order to lead people in some way, but it looks to me like it does not matter any other skills or abilities one has; if one is unable to hold the interest of people, one cannot be an influencer or leader over them.

The best engineer may not necessarily emerge the best leader among a group of engineers. The best lecturer may not necessarily become Vice Chancellor at an institution. Perhaps the one who remains the most interesting will get the role. Perhaps not.

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  1. Leaders and Influencers…

    It appears a Leader needs to have, or be seen to have, something the followers lack, or think they lack.

    Interesting? Dunno.

    In the book ‘How to make friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie , some attributes to influencing people are outlined.

    It appears being ‘liked’ is the most critical. The question is whether being interesting guarantees being liked, or being liked implies you would be found interesting.

    To be an influencer in a specific field means you are, or you are seen, as an Authority in that field.

    In the wider field of Sociopolitical influencing or Leadership, a wider gamut of social engineering skills (not necessarily technical) would be required.

    Confused? So am I.

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