I am not sure what led to this, but I got to thinking of the various mobiles that my women (feel free to interprete that

My Women Love BlackBerry

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I am not sure what led to this, but I got to thinking of the various mobiles that my women (feel free to interprete that anyway that suits you) use. Perhaps, it was a fallout of the interview with Mrs. Mo Mo in the special preview edition of Hangout With Mr Mo. Perhaps I was just taking stock of my women. Whatever it was, a mental audit revealed that almost all of them, including Mrs. Mo Mo, own and use a blackberry as their primary smartphone.

In contrast, I look at the men around me, especially my friends, and there is not a single one of them who use a BlackBerry at the moment. That is not to say that none of them has used BB at any point in time.

Is There a Gender Appeal to BlackBerry?
I know that I am stretching things here, because I see lots of men from time to time tapping away on their Curves and Bolds and Torches, but what if the Blackberry brand simply appeals to ladies more? just what if? Could it be that ladies find the hardware QWERTY keyboard more convenient to use, especially if you bear in mind that some of them have those talon-like nails (or fixings)? I can imagine that using a pure touch device with those talons would be hellish, if not outright comical.

I also know for sure that it is the ladies that spend more on cases and pouches for their BlackBerry smartphones. The average man (at least in my neck of the woods) uses his BB naked, almost never buying a pouch. The ladies buy white, pink, purple, red and even colour-blocking (that’s what it is called; isn’t it?) pouches. I must say that they do look trendy and classy with them.

Should it just be that there is a gender appeal to BlackBerry, perhaps RIM should take note of that in developing future devices. That would impact choices of colours, accessories, and even marketing campaigns.

But then, it might just be me and my taste for certain kind of women. My women certainly love BlackBerry.


  1. Two things here.


    Women are (generally) known to talk more than men. I read somewhere that women think by talking about something, while men process information completely before talking.

    I would not know! No be me talk am oooo.

    Anyways, if women do talk more, naturally, they would chat more. BBs being synonymous with “chatting”, we have the solution to our mystery!


    Certain types of men attract certain types of women (and vice versa)

    If you are the active_listener type, you may attract the TALKATIVE / CHATative types.

    Hence the cluster of BB_totting females oscillating in Mr Mo`s Planetary Plane!

    (# burrows into a manhole #)

  2. I think Eye.Bee.Kay is quite on point here. The great appeal of BB among women may very well be linked with their gossipy nature. Some men also key in to the BB platform in sympathy to the ladies.

    I’m thinking that if a platform should start offering Nigerian home movies in the form of online time based podcast with a one off monthly subscription fee and if battery life is not an issue, it will be another hit with our women. Of course we should not throw away peer pressure and trend which is also helping to fire the BB craze.

  3. Eye.bee.kay. Is very right here. I have also noticed this all around me. I know a lot of ladies using BB than men. BB has provided them the platform for good gossip. Let me use wifie as an example. She got her first BB over 2 years ago. A bold2. I wanted to up her game, so I got her the iphone4s(white). Though she gets commendations on the iphone4s, she hardly use it. May be only for taking pictures sometimes. 90% of her mobile time is on the old BB phone (even with the faulty “end” button). I have decided never to waste my money on any other brand again for her other than BB. She is at the moment craving for the Note2(just because I plan on getting one). Verdict is nothing else for her but the BB10 when launched next year. These things are expensive. Why buy what you won’t use?

    I must confess though that BB has made a much better mobile user of wifie. Other than the gossip she has been more creative than I ever imagined.

  4. I was waiting for the usual “woman like to gossip” posts before responding because men have such one-track minds 🙂

    Definition of gossip: “Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.” Last time I checked this is not restricted only to women (and please don’t give me that rubbish that women usually do it – there are enough studies out there that show men “gossip” just as much!)

    But back to topic: most women by nature are relational. How do we relate? We talk! And believe me, we can spend a whole hour talking like you wouldn’t believe, because we can (lots of laughing and giggling included).

    With the advent of apps like Whatsapp and Kik, most of the women I know don’t use Blackberry. The ones who use Blackberrys use them because other women in their circles have them, and it’s the easiest way to communicate with each other. A friend with small children finds it easier using a phone with keys than a touch screen phone. Another finds it simpler to use and less hassle than the “fancy” touchscreen phones. For another it doubles as her work phone so she sees no need to change.

    Maybe Mr Mo should do an informal survey to find out why his women all have/use Blackberrys as their primary phone.

  5. I was waiting for the usual “woman like to gossip” posts before responding because men have such one-track minds

    They do,? That is a good thing. Women of course have multiple _track. minds, which is why they have much cleaner minds.

    Definition of gossip:… bla bla bla

    Resorting to pedantry does not change the meaning of gossip, neither does it detract from the universally acknowledged fact that women gossip far more than men.

    Ask any Jane / Jack down the street.

    The blackberry is a veritable tool for chatting (sorry-gossip) .

    More women use BBs. A ladies’ man is always mingling with women. Thus, he naturally sees WIMIN clutching their Beebees.

    Q. E. D

    I felt compelled to make these clarifications to relieve my hyperventilation,!

  6. Eye.Bee.Kay, it isn’t a case of resorting to pedantry. If women chatting a lot is translated as women gossiping, who is the one really being pedantic? And if one feels the need to malign every Nigerian woman with a Blackberry as a gossip well…

    You are straining at gnats and swallowing camels with this pedantry my friend, and I won’t be joining you in this.

  7. Noni

    You are straining at gnats and swallowing camels with this pedantry my friend

    Yes; that sounds very much like my man, EyeBeeKay 😉

  8. (Mr Mo I no fit shout o)

    Which brings me on to the cases women carry their phones in – I find them truly fascinating. Sometimes I literally just stop and stare.

    I remember a young lady I knew who had her first Blackberry; she loved pink and shiny things. You’ve guessed – she had a VERY pink, leopard-patterned blinged-up phone case.

    The impression I get is that they don’t see it as drawing attention to their phones, they just want their phones to look “distinct” and unique to them!

  9. straining at gnats and swallowing camels with this pedantry

    Wao! that is so COLORFUL and picturesque!.


    I admit I am @ sea with that expression.

    (++ googling ++)

  10. Noni,

    No worries; EyeBeeKay is quite harmless.

    On the subject of ladies’ pouches and cases, I quite find them as fascinating as you do. I thinking that I should take every opportunity to get a picture of the really outstanding ones. Here’s to hoping that the ones I ask are polite creatures though 🙂

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