Create a better home screen with the #myAndroid Taste Test

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Do you ever look at your smartphone screen and think it could look better? A lot of people do. Google recently launched the #myAndroid Taste Test, an online tool to help everyday people like you design the perfect home screen for your Android device.

The #myAndroid Taste Test walks you through a series of questions and images to help you arrive at a homescreen that is perfect for you. Once completed, the tool offers users three options, and each option includes a wallpaper, an icon pack, a launcher and widgets. The options offered will include third-party apps, in case your preferences are not exactly the same as what Google provides.

I gave it a spin and came up with this homescreen look for myself:
myandroid taste text

The #myAndroid Taste Test is a fun exercise. For those that find it difficult to customize their home screens, it is very helpful. Also, those that already know how to customize their home screens would still find it entertaining.

However, note that the result you get is just a sample. You will not be able to download it as a wallpaper or homescreen. Instead, you will be presented with download links for a number of wallpaper, icon pack, and launcher apps. In other words, this is an absolutely fun way to waste your time.

Still, go give it a spin HERE.

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