The MYSYM concept smartphone is a brilliant idea

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Once in a while, creative people come up with one concept smartphone or the other that they would love to see. Most of the ones we’ve see are too extravagant. Transformers turning to phones. A transparent see-through phone. Or some other weird out-of-this-world gizmo. Today I came across a thoughtful phone concept for smartphones. Everything here looks feasible – only if someone could actually make it.

MYSYM concept smartphone

Features of the MYSYM concept smartphone

The MYSYM as it’s called will carry two USB-C ports – one at the top and another at the bottom. With these, you can connect two things at once. Two head phones can go in at the same time. You can charge the device while listening to music (iPhone 7 users won’t be able to do this). Or charge another phone and be charged by another simultaneously. The list of possibilities is endless.

MYSYM concept smartphone

Another interesting feature here is the placement of the back camera. At the back, you see the wide angle camera first, then the laser auto-focus, a centralized fingerprint scanner, infrared sensor, then the regular camera. Looks weird right? 🙂 But it’s feasible.

Believe it or not, the centered camera leads to a better photography experience. You can hold the phone with two hands and there will be no offset when capturing close subjects. Who will be the first to make this kind of phone? Many credits to Leonard Wohlfarth for envisioning this concept.


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