Simple things, they say, matters a lot. But before I proceed, I must remind my readers at the Mobility blog that the Samsung Galaxy S4,

N100,000 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and no FM Radio?

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Simple things, they say, matters a lot. But before I proceed, I must remind my readers at the Mobility blog that the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is undoubtedly the most popular Android device for now, has a superb specs sheet. It packs almost everything. Specs-wise, even newer phones like the MOTO X find it hard to beat, but…

Where Is My FM Radio?

I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 last week and I was so overjoyed that the most celebrated phone lay in my palms. My very own baby! But soon after, I was astounded to discover that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has no FM Radio app installed in it! At first I searched my Play Store app thinking that all the hardware for a FM reception is intact in the GS4. This ended up a fruitless search.

To worsen the situation, I Googled and found out that Samsung thinks that FM Radio app is now outdated and that all mobile users should learn to switch over to Internet Radio live streaming apps! I was like “What on earth do they mean?!” Do they know anything about unsteady 3G networks and cost of subscription? Must we listen to only International radio stations and the very few local stations that can Live-stream? Oh! What about my Wazobia FM, Magic FM (Aba) and Rhythm 93.7 FM?

I have since reconciled with the reality and now end up using my brand new Tecno phantom A+ (A plus) anytime I want to play music and listen to Live FM beats from the radio.

So my question is: Is N108,000 worth spending on an Android phone with no FM Radio?

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  1. Personal preference,other smartphones that sells millions everywhere don’t have FM radio.

  2. Hmm.

    If one knows the feature is missing BEFORE buying, it wouldn’t matter much.

    But if one discovers AFTER buying, it would doubtless be quite annoying.

    So my question is: Is N108,000 worth spending
    on an Android phone with
    no FM Radio?

    If that feature is not that important, why not?_But for that level of phone, with the long spec sheet, it’s truly strange, the omission.

  3. Tecno knows and exploits this huge flaw as far as the African market is concerned!

  4. I can’t really remember the last time I listened to radio on my phone…

    I just can’t handle the fact that someone else is in charge of what and what songs I would listen to and when…I have almost 2000 songs on my pohne so the radio is not important anymore.

  5. 1. Unlike the Phantom, the Galaxy S4 was not designed solely for the African market. It is an international phone. So I’d say the sense of entitlement to “local content” is a tiny bit misplaced.

    2. Honestly, not everyone is a radio person. I am not. FM radio is definitely something I never look for in a phone because I hardly ever listen to radio

    3. What @martinkem said

  6. Yeah, personal preference matters a lot but at a point we all need an FM radio in our phone because its simply mobile and you can listen to a particular program on the go. Ever wonder why many other phone makers always include this feature?

  7. “Many” you say? I don’t think that’s very accurate, but ok. I still don’t think that’s enough reason to bash the S4. Honestly, I even forgot smartphones come with FM radio before reading this. I have 2 phones, only one comes with a radio. I actually had to check to confirm that. That’s how oblivious I am to that feature. My music player suffices for me

  8. Yes, it can be very painful to discover that your new spartphone lacks a feature that you really desire. This is why I spend weeks reading up dozens of articles about any gadget before I buy it.

    I think N100k is worth spending on an Android phone with no FM Radio. I no longer care about radio.

  9. First, the lesson is that one should have a check-list of the basics needed before going to the store to buy a product. And then check the check-list against the actual product before buying.

    Second, lack of FM radio is not enough to make a high end phone worth less than N100k, because FM radio is not an exotic feature.

    Third, I was also not happy that Samsung left out the FM radio by ASSUMING the whole world now has 3G or WiFi Internet access in common, such that Internet radio should be the in-thing now.

    No sir! Africa does not yet have Internet access as free and common as the air we breathe. So, we need our FM radio in order not to also burn pricey data on Internet radio.

    Local content is key. Samsung has been conscious of this and that’s why they brought us a solar powered laptop, Surge safe home appliances, etc. Why did they miss it in FM radio? What they should have done is to produce Africa-specific Galaxy S4 with FM radio integrated, the same way they usually create Dual SIM flagship variants for China market.

  10. Haha, so you had plans of spending 100k just to buy a radio? Dude, it’s a phone and not a radio. Just get one of them Nokia radio phones at 4k. Problem solved!

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