What would you do with N25,000 of free airtime?

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

So I dug out my Airtel SIM from its hiding place, and popped it into my Infinix Hot 2. It was weekend, and I felt like subscribing for that 1 GB for N100 plan. After all, which other better way would I have spent my weekend?

I subscribed Saturday evening and finished it in about 2 hours. After many failed trials, I was able to resubscribe, Sunday morning. Hours later, I was greeted with this sweet text message (see screenshot below). Airtel generously gave me N25,000 free airtime valid for 7 days!! The airtime was said to serve for calls (to all networks), SMS and data.

I don call tire 🙂 , Yet there’s like N15,000 left. Its not as if you can withdraw or exchange the airtime for cash 🙁 I discovered you can check balance by dialing *223#. Who else also received this bonus?


  1. Why, why not me? All I get are spam messages asking me to subscribe to some service I don’t want!

    *stares at pot of beans*

  2. These networks are wicked ooo!!. Perhaps they are in cahoots with Neurologists, with the intent to fry the our brains?

    If you are good in maths, calculate how many minutes of calls N25k would translate to @ say 11k/s..

    Even if you did 24/7 calls for 7 days, you won’t finish this ^paw in the bottle” gift. You would only succeed in getting your brains roasted from the prolonged exposure. (if only these credits can be shared…)

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