The N900 spots a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and auto-focus. Here are a few camera shot samples – one

N900 Carl Zeiss Camera Mini-Gallery

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The N900 spots a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and auto-focus. Here are a few camera shot samples – one outdoor, the others from indoors.

20100429 002
Picture taken in traffic from driver's seat. Click on the image for full-size picture
20100501 009
Indoors at an eatery in Lagos. Click on the image for the full-size picture.
n900 cam biggs crop
A crop of a section of one another picture taken at the eatery to show the level of details captured in the shot. This crop is from the PIZZA INN section seen in the picture above this one

Both shots were taken in daytime and in good weather. I didn’t tinker with any settings – just default parametres, and all shot on the spur of the moment.

What do you think of the shots?

For Comparison
Here is a picture taken indoors with the Samsung S8003 Jet’s 5 mega-pixel, autofocus, LED flash camera:

Picture taken with the Samsung S8003 Jet's 5mpx camera - indoors, good lighting (click on image for full shot). Note that this is one of the finest indoor shots I have from the Jet. This shot is not a cropped image. Compare with the indoor shot taken with the N900's camera above

I have included this shot from the S8003 for the benefit of those who have never done analysis of mobile phone cameras and think that the N900’s camera is a poor shot among 5 MPX cameraphones. Compared to what the Jet produces, the N900’s production shines.

To do even further comparisons, can anyone who has a 5 megapixel cameraphone upload shots from their device under the forum topic, Post pictures taken with your mobile phones?

A more extensive gallery that demonstrates the power of the N900 camera can be accessed at tnkgrl mobile’s slideshow of pictures taken with the Nokia N900.

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  1. Nice shots Yomi. It appears that the Carl Zeiss lens on the N900 makes up all the difference. Perhaps you can forget carrying your digital Camera around!

  2. Perhaps you can forget carrying your digital Camera around!

    Honestly, I haven’t carried around a digital camera in a couple of years.

  3. i think the pictures are a bit noisy (grainy) for 5 megapixel, the balance is somewhat disappointing (from the first picture). if this is to used as an emergency impromptu camera, its ok. If one has the choice a dedicated 5 megapixel camera should do a better job. As an enthusiast for photography, to me phone cameras have not matched up to many cheap stand alone cameras with the same pixels. But the phone manufacturers keep getting better and better by each model.

  4. archie,

    In the context of dedicated cameras, you are absolutely correct.

    Were we really expecting that we could miniaturise everything and get same results? As the saying goes, we cannot eat our cake and have it. Unless some new technology shows up that changes the game, standalone cameras will always outshoot mobile phone cameras.

    Still, among 5mpx mobile phone cameras, the N900’s shots are good. I am hoping I can do some comparisons with the Samsung i900 Omnia and Samsung S8003 Jet, the only other 5mpx cameraphones that I have had. That is if I can find my picture archives for those two others.

  5. Agreed.. the pizza inn is a little noisy perhaps if it’s got a xenon flash like my nokia 6220 classic u need not worry about it, my friends who own an N97 are real jealous of my night time shots

  6. @yomi,
    The pic are ok. But i want to injury from you the web connectivity of nokia N900 phone. 1) When u are surfing the net can you cope the page from the browers and save it in mobile office like mobile microsoft office or work note ? 2) can u send ur page u browse to a flash that or does the phone have a usb port that u can slot flash drive? 3) what is difference between the phone and mini or notebook or laptop?
    Thanks, i am anticipating to hear ur response on these.

  7. @archie. What do you expect? It was a spur of the moment shot. With proper adjustment of the camera controls, the pics could’ve been much better and the Noise would have been eliminated as well as possible. Perhaps this could compare with some cheap Digi Cam. But the medium to high priced ones is a No Go foe compaRism.

  8. Nice shots for a nokia without zenon flash. Grainy indoor pics to be expected with the led flash. Nokia should have equipped this monster with a zenon.
    @yomi, check out gsmarena homepage. You may be interested in downloading Meego v.1.0 for your N900.

  9. Igoma,

    1. See my N900 web browser review

    2. No; the N900 does not support USB host. There is no port for that, though I won’t be surprised if someone rigged up a way to do this

    3. You’ll have to go through my series on the N900 to get more details, but the N900 is capable of most of what my Acer netbook does. It is a mini-computer. It is just great that someone at Nokia decided to add a phone radio to it.

  10. @Deoladoctor.! Good to have you back. Hope MAdam is better? By the way, I have suggested this Meego stuff to Yomi before but he rejected it. See Earlier posts.

  11. The first two pictures are sharper but the last one is not. I am surprised that 5 MP camera can produce such bad quality picture (here i am mentioning the third, last image). My earlier phone Nokia 6500 slide has got 3.2 MP camera with same Carl Zeiss optics, but it takes very fine quality images.

  12. Nokia 5800 Applications,

    The third image is not a full picture but a crop – a close-up of a section of a picture. Cropping any of the other two pictures would produce the similar results. That third image is not a bad image at all. If you took a powerful lens to your face too, it would look worse than it looks from the distance that people are accustomed to seeing you from.

    Also, I have uploaded a picture taken with another 5 megapixel cameraphone, the Samsung S8003 Jet, for comparison purpose.

    I encourage you to upload one good picture that you have taken with your Nokia 6500 slide under the forum topic, Post pictures taken with your mobile phones. Don’t resample or edit them in any way. You will be shocked how much worse the 6500’s shots look compared to pictures taken by the N900 and S8003 are.

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