Ladies: Natural Cycles app tells when you’ll get pregnant

This app is approved in Europe as an official contraceptive. Yes. Just like doctors would recommend a condom or pills, now Natural Cycles has become an option too. It is claimed to be accurate in detecting ovulation and calculation of fertile days. After years of research and collaboration with medical personnel.

natural cycles

How does it work?

There is an included thermometer, for subscribers of the app. It is then used to measure temperature daily. These results are then compared with the app’s dataset. Days when unprotected sex is okay, will be marked green. It will also mark red, days when couples must use condoms, pills or other forms of protection. On the other hand, it can tell couples the best time to have sex if they want a child.

Natural Cycles co-founder Elina Berglund wrote on their official website:

“The biggest change is in the way we talk about Natural Cycles. We can now proudly say that Natural Cycles is an effective contraceptive, comparable with others like the pill, the IUD and condoms. It’s another option for women to choose from.”

This app will cost about 5.80 USD monthly (with an added thermometer). You can download the iOS app HERE , and the Android app HERE.

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