Getting NBN Internet for the most popular mobile apps in Australia

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A quick look at NBN and the most popular mobile apps in Australia.

If you did not already know, NBN is the Australian government mandated country-wide internet program set to take effect any month now. Some see NBN Internet as a bad thing, but when it comes down to it, the prices are more than fair, data packages are great, and the service is good too.

The fact of the matter is that the smartphone you are using, along with the apps, use a whole lot of internet data. You might want to check NBN availability in your area, just so all of your favorite apps don’t end up costing you a whole lot of money in terms of data charges. So, what are some of the most popular smartphone apps in Australia right now?

NBN Internet for the most popular mobile apps in Australia

The most popular mobile apps in Australia

1. Facebook

First and foremost, Facebook is the leading app across all operating systems. It is by far the leader among the most popular mobile apps in Australia right now, and we are willing to bet that you have your own Facebook account. It’s a great app no doubt, one that lets you see your friend’s lives, stay in tune with the world, and allows you to see cute pictures of cats too.

With that said, Facebook, especially where videos are concerned, uses a whole lot of data. To ensure that your data costs are not sky high, you will definitely want to check NBN availability in your area.

2. Chrome

The number 2 app out there for all Android users right now is Google Chrome. Yes, it is an internet browser, one which many today would consider to be the best of the best. Depending on what you are doing, you can eat through data like no tomorrow, so having a good NBN data plan is definitely a big deal.

3. Messenger

Yeah, Facebook Messenger is right up there with the most used apps right now. People seem to use this more than their actual text messages for communication. Of course, while messenger does not use too much data, it does depend on the volume and content of your conversations. People have been known to go over their data limits, and thus incur large costs, due to this.

4. YouTube

Coming in at number 4, YouTube is right now the world’s most used video watching service and application. Yes, uploading and watching YouTube videos is extremely taxing for your data plan. If you are not careful, just an hour on this app can ruin your data for the whole month. You definitely want to have a good NBN Internet data plan if you are an avid YouTube user.

5. Instagram

Social media is definitely one of the biggest consumers of cellphone data out there, with one of the largest ones being Instagram. Yeah, it is all about videos and photos, both of which take up monumental amounts of cellular data. This is not something you will get to use often if you don’t have a good data plan.

6. Netflix

While we did skip a couple of apps in terms of overall popularity and pure usage numbers, Netflix is one of the biggest data consumers out there. Binge watching your favorite show during your morning commute is going to eat through data no doubt, not to mention that HD viewing is way worse.

7. ANZ Australia

Do you do your banking online? Well, online banking might not be the most data consuming activity out there, but it all depends on how much banking you do. If you want to continue with your mobile banking activities, such as with ANZ, you will definitely want to check NBN availability.

NBN Internet Availability & the most popular mobile apps in Australia

The bottom line here is that you do want to check out NBN availability for where you live. Who knows, the availability, as well as the prices of various NBN Internet packages, might just affect how much you use your favorite smartphone applications.

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