In January 2015, the APC engaged the services of Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom, MTN, and Visafone to run SMS-based fund-raising campaigns, but at some point, the

NCC and 5 Operators to pay N500m compensation to APC

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Buhari-Osinbajo Campaign

In January 2015, the APC engaged the services of Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom, MTN, and Visafone to run SMS-based fund-raising campaigns, but at some point, the NCC stepped in to threaten the operators to stop the running of the said campaign. Many saw this as the NCC acting beyond its powers. Anyone – individual or organisation – should be free to engage the services of any telco for any legitimate activity. The 5 operators backed down and took down the campaign.

As such, APC headed to court for redress. Yesterday, Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court in Lagos said in his ruling: “The directive by the NCC to the telecoms firms is hereby struck out having been made without power and in contravention of the fundamental rights of the applicant (APC)”. The sum of N500m has been ordered to be paid to APC in damages.



  1. I find this puzzling. So it’s okay for networks to push spam texts to us (that we haven’t requested), but to support a political campaign by text is a no no?

    The NCC continues to baffle me. They won’t take action against junk texts sent to subscribers, I’m guessing this was easier to go after.

  2. Shouldn’t find it puzzling at all. They were instructed by their lords to do so.

  3. Am not surprised at NCC action too.They are doing their masters wish.There are other issues concerning mobile users left unattended to.Good for them.

  4. MCC left important issues to deal with an unimportant issue
    Won’t be surprised of they don’t obey the court order tho
    Naija I hail

  5. I’m surprised at all your response, subscribers bombarded NCC with mails and calls that they didn’t like the way they were spammed with texts and eocn of APC campaigns. They responded accordingly and you all say it’s not important for NCC to have done what they did. Why been sentimental

  6. this simply isn’t true, the campaign in question was an SMS based funding exercise pretty much like subscribing to caller tunes or any other VAS via SMS. the NCC had no reason or right to compel operators to cease and desist. I’ve noticed that a lot of government agencies have been overtly and subtly antagonizing efforts by parties in opposition to the current ruling party. this has happened at Federal & State level, we seem to have a problem differentiating between government and party politics. as per the ruling, it’s a good one if only for precedent. government agencies rarely pay such court ordered damages (the 10M damages from the Omidina vs NDLEA case is yet to be paid)

  7. The truth is, they’re both invasions of consumer’s privacy; I mean both APC campaign texts and unsolicited advertising from MTN and co.

  8. @peterjero
    Not true at all
    Even if it is true,haven’t we all complained of the spam texts we receive daily,did they ban anything,why does it have to be this one that they will work on?

  9. With all your responses below me except askichthys, you guys are d ones who can’t separate government from party politics, did the ruling party advertise with sms even with their powers. Well I expect an appeal

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