Has Innjoo’s Lagos office been shut down?

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A Nairalander reported that Innjoo office located at Ikeja, Lagos has been locked for a while now, only to find out that SON (Standards Organisation of Nigeria) shut down the office. They were reportedly closed down on grounds that they’re selling substandard devices in the Nigerian market.

Here’s an excerpt from what the user said:

…Monday morning only to get there and find other Innjoo users hanging around the building. We were told that the office was under renovation but we did not see any materials being moved in nor did we see any signs of renovation going on anywhere in that building.

Eventually we got to know that the building had been shut by the standards organisation of Nigeria (SON) due to the use of sub standard materials and hardware being used to produce Innjoo phones especially Innjoo Fire.I nearly died when I heard this. So what this means is that we all have purchased substandard products from Innjoo. Just imagine the number of people who already bought this phone.Our authorities too should be blamed for the slow action.

Here’s also a picture taken from today’s edition of Vanguard newspaper

Innjoo Vanguard

The question is, Is there any truth to this? Did a lock up of Innjoo’s office facilities happen or is there a move to carry out such a thing?



  1. But I can’t remember reading any ugly review on innjoo phones anywhere. Well *siddon look*

  2. Try scouring the pages of Nairaland…the Phones section is awash with tales of woe.

    I was a victim myself

  3. Well this is interesting, but begs more questions.

    The chief one is, how long have Innjoo been operating in Nigeria selling non-NCC approved devices? And what trigger did Innjoo push that has this suddenly woken up SON?

    My next question would be, are there any other prominent manufacturers in Nigeria doing the same thing but have gone unnoticed to date?

  4. There was a time Tecno was hounded off Computer Village, Ikeja before they went to ‘settle’ with the Powers that be.

    And after that,all was well again.

    Innjoo probably needs to settle correctly ..

  5. Err, I did not want to go there, but I’m sure the “settle” issue is probably one of the unofficial reasons for the shut down!

    I expect to see them quietly come back on the market as if they had never left.

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