From the break of today the first day of November 2011, the clock began to tick as the countdown begins to the 30 days ultimatum

NCC to Operators: Improve Quality of Service, Or!

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From the break of today the first day of November 2011, the clock began to tick as the countdown begins to the 30 days ultimatum issued by NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) to Globacom, MTN and Airtel.

The Nigerian Communications Commission has said that it would penalize the three major network operators to the tune of one million naira if they failed to improve service qualities at the end of this month.

The commission carried out independent monitoring exercises of the three networks across the country and found them lacking in performance.

According to a statement by Mr Reuben Muoka, Head, Media and public relations NCC, the commission will stop these operators from further sales of SIM cards by the end of November 2011 if they failed to meet the key performance indicators set by the commission.

These key performance indicators are:

– Call set up success rate

– Call completion rate

– Stand alone dedicated control channel

– Hand over success rate.

Editor’s note: One wonders why data services are never included in NCC’s performance metrics.


  1. My thoughts exactly, why is data not included? That is my greatest challenge at the moment.

  2. You’ve just expressed my exact sentiment. It’s as if data services is not among their offerings.

  3. maybe for the first time NCC is trying to do wht they ar supose to be doing.

    Am not a fan of any network, but I do praise glo sometimes, but here is my bitter experience with glo: Glo network in terms of data service in my area(part of kogi) was vry vry fast until june dis year. By then I subscribed to the N5,000 package on my modem and all of a sudden there was a data service black out for 15 good days. I was “MAD” but cntnue to call 444 to inform them.

    Wen the service came back, the speed became another thing (30kb/sec@ most) wen I complain, they said its my OS, bt it was the same OS I was using b4 the outage. It went on lik that until the the 30th day of my subbscribtion came and 895MB of my data went just lik that. I have called 444 for more than 100 times cnc then to complain and sometimes insult them, they keep on saying “we will look into it, we have set a committee to see if there was actually an outage for that period ” (even wen I took it upon myself to be telling them every blessed day that d service has not come and they keep asking me the state, LG and location).

    So that is it and uptil now am not happy, but dont know what else to do and their speed still remain dead slow until three days ago(at least 80kb/sec ). What do I do? Because I have not and will never forgive or dash them that amount of data.

  4. The quality of thinking of people in some of our regulatory authorities is often appalling.

    I bet you – the situation on our hands iis similar to that i’m the transport and oil sectors – where those supposed to be regulated are too powerful for the regulators.

    It is all about money!

  5. We’ve heard this kind of talk before. It’s no longer news in Nigeria. This sector and indeed all sectors in this country are affected. Ultimatums given but that’s all you hear. At the end Of the day, the situation remains the same and no penalties.

    These coys are bigger and more “connected” than the regulatory body. All they need do is pull the usual “override” switch.

  6. I am yearning for the day when regulatory bodies in this country will not only be incorruptible, but also have sweeping powers over the coys they oversee.

  7. (
    I am yearning for the daywhen regulatory bodies in this country will not only be incorruptible, but also have sweeping powers over the coys they oversee.

    ME – I am yearning for the day when A GOVERNMENTin this country will not only be incorruptible, but also have the POLITICAL WILL and MORAL FIBRE to tackle all these canals in different sectors of the economy!

  8. Great post. I am more perturbed that the NCC doesn’t consider Data services important. I can do with dropped calls and the state of the calling efficiency as it is presently. But Data is what I can absolutely not do without. For instance sending 1000 texts on Whatsapp or iMessenger cost next to nothing on data usage. But imagine making calls or sending texts of so much?!

    Data is important to me.

    Secondly, 1 million Naira is No fine at all for the carieers. That’s like a tap on the wrist. The fine should be commensurate with the untold hardship that they cause to consumers. Something of the tune of a Hundred Million or two for each fine! That way they would sit up! Many of this networks especially MTN claim that they even give much more than that in Promo!!!

    Finally, NCC shou,d speed up number portability!

    For the records; I Detest MTN,!

  9. @Andy, its not only in Kogi o.we are experiencing the same thing here in Lagos. Glo network used to be extremely fast in all of my locations here in Lagos. Agege, ikeja, surulere, apapa E.T.c. But since like two months ago, its either snail speed or no data connection at all. I have called their customer care severally and I have never seen such team, so out of tune with reality. They either don’t have any clue or just playing ignorance.

    Its the regulatory body that I blame in all these. Subscribers pay fully (prepaid data bundles)for service even before Glo renders them, and they either give you quarter service or none at all. Its sad.

  10. Something i have always failed to understand is…

    If you render an ESSENTIAL service, there is great demand, and the business is profitable, why would you not expend extra sweat to give stellar service?

    Telephony business -here,-is one such business.

    if these TelCos spend money as if it grows on trees (it does , for them), why not give better service than we are seeing?

    It is the same reason i get pissed off with a certain elephantine bank whose servers are almost always ‘down’around monthend! They have the resources to keep those servers UP- perpetuslly!

    This mediocrity needs to STOP! But- HOW?

  11. NCC to Operators: Improve Quality of Service, Or! Or what??? 1,000,000? Ok, they’ll pay. They have the dough. Then what?? More shout? Ok. Is that all?!

    What a sh!t load of crap!!!

    The Ncc is worse than a toothless old dog. For that matter which regulatory agency in Nigeria is effective??

    Ncc have shouted. And people have heard them shout. And that’s all that matters.

  12. Actually, the fine is not limited to 1 million naira. It is one million naira plus suspension of activation of new Sim plus one million naira per Sim activated in contravention of the suspension plus N500,000 per day of QOS still below standard.

    Glomobile data service has really become erratic, and their customer care officers don’t know their left from their right (they are not the only one though). Can you imagine a Glo customer care officer telling me that they do not have to provision their Sim for 3G services. Anybody that is familiar with their data services will know that is not true.

  13. Come december 2011. Things wouldnt change cos these guys would rather pay 1million than invest 1bn in their network in 30days to improve quality…its all about business

  14. @Andy
    Send mail to them via I had a similar experience last year in which my Sim card got damaged while I still had close to half the data of a N5,000 bundle on it. I promptly went to their outlet to do a Sim swap, but they could not do it as they said Sim card for my number series was not available.

    By the time I was able to get my Sim swapped the data had expired. I sent them mails and insisted they refund me. I was eventually credited with an equivalent sum for the days that expired.

  15. The 1 million naira fine proposed by ncc for failure to improve network and absence of data service among performance indicators is proof that ncc don’t know what they are doing, shekena!

  16. yEah, trust NCC… There’ll tell you their interest is most to the majority which means telephony in terms of calls and sms.

    No matter how bad and uninformed glo staff tends to be-I went to their office to introduce their product to them, it’s that bad… Glo network is the best in Ngr, you could waste your money comparing

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