Near-global Blackberry outage today

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If you are a Blackberry user on most continents of planet Earth, you probably were hit by the lack of service today. You were not able to browse the internet, and access your email; right?

The news is that there was a major fault at RIM’s facilities. The outage did not affect enterprise service users; just BIS users only.

So, hang in there and don’t cuss out your network operator. Its not them. In the meantime, you can still make calls and do SMS as well.


  1. After being Hit by the Black out i just discovered “Heck so this is How Blackberry is like without BIS; a typical phone that sends SMS and makes Calls”,i guess you can say we were all Black Buried today.

  2. I’ve been too busy today to check anything online hence i thought it was GLOBACOM’s fault. I even thought their new BIS tarrif is giving them more subscribers than they can carry. Now i know better. Thanks for this info Yomi.

  3. I definitely knew something was wrong. By 12 noon today, I had not received a single mail or bbm. I tried browsing, sending emails and bbms, no show. I called up a few contacts who said they were experiencing the same thing too.

    As at the time of sending this post, etisalat’s BIS is not up and running but I’m able to browse with opera mini and send emails over wifi but bbm’s are not delivering anyway.

  4. Message from etisalat

    We regret any difficulties you may be facing with accessing emails, chat and the internet. BB service is down nationwide. Normal service will be restored soon

  5. Within an hour after it began, I knew something was wrong. After asking on twitter, I discovered it was all across EMEA [Europe, Middle East, Africa].

    I began receiving emails around 7pm, but no BBM or Ubersocial.

    However, everything began working about 30 mins ago, although no one has replied my bbm messages and pings yet.

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