If you need to hide files or apps on your smartphone. . .

Do you ever feel mad at someone for going through your phone without permission? Maybe you have apps, files or documents you would like to keep private. The best thing to do is to hide these files. There are several ways to hide files on Android phones. For example:

mobile apps and hide files

  1. You could alter the names of the folder containing the content you want to hide. However, this does not really stop a determined snoop, and the files are still right there in the open.
  2. There are several apps in Google play store that help you hide your data. These can provide basic security for your files.
  3. If you want to hide apps, you should have a non-stock launcher on your phone. Nova launcher is a great example, though to hide apps, you must upgrade to the pro version. Apex Launcher hides your apps for free.
  4. Furthermore, you may want to secure your apps instead of hiding them, especially for apps that you can’t do without. There are several third-party apps that prevent people from opening your apps. One of the most popular of these apps is AppLock. This app also works for images and videos, so you don’t even need to hide them; you just lock them.
  5. There are also apps that hide files for you on your smartphone by pretending to be something else. Hide It Pro is one such app. It masquerades as an audio manager, but if you hold down the logo for a few seconds, it brings out all your hidden files.

 Now you have a handful of options and can easily keep unwanted eyes away from items on your phone. Simply hide files and apps on your smartphone. 

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