Need To Replace My Nokia 603’s Display

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I use a Nokia 603. A few weeks ago, it fell down and the glass on the display got broken without affecting the LCD. So I took it to Nokia care office in Ibadan where I was told it would cost me N15,000 to replace. The lady who attended to me said the cost is the same whether or not the LCD was damaged. I was really shocked. I have never run into such a high cost for any Nokia display in my life. I had to collect my phone from the lady without even uttering a word.

One of the reasons why I have always loved Nokia phones is due to the fact that their spares are cheap and easy to obtain in comparison to other phones I have used. In this case, it is clearly a different matter. For now, I have to keep using my phone with its glass broken and hope that it won’t fall once again to the extent that its LCD is affected. But what do you expect? I have been treating it like an egg from the moment I heard the price.


  1. I know someone who needed to replace the shattered display of his Samsung Galaxy S II over a year ago. At a Samsung authorised centre, the cost was N25,000.

    Touchscreen displays tend to be costly, especially with all the embedded fancy technologies. We asked for it; we got it.

  2. … The lady who attended to me said the cost is the same whether or not the LCD was damaged….

    I think the touchscreen surface and the LCD panel are integrated and packaged as one unit which cannot be replaced in isolation. That notwithstanding, the cost for that replacement is rather too high. That is about 50% the price of the phone. I would say there’s no pressing need to replace it since it is still working. Just maintain that carefulness and enjoy it till it stops working.

  3. Had the same “the glass on the display got broken without affecting the LCD” problem on my Nokia E6 about a year ago. Changed it at Mokola Ibadan for N10k. Broke again late last year and the guys at Ilorin were talking rubbish…N20k or so. Accelerated me dumping Nokia Symbian for Android. At least my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos and Samsung Galaxy S Duos are ruggedly strong and my heart doesn’t skip a beat when they fall.

  4. Broke again late last year and the guys at Ilorin were talking rubbish…N20k or so. Accelerated me dumping Nokia Symbian for Android. At least my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos and Samsung Galaxy S Duos are ruggedly strong and my heart doesn’t skip a beat when they fall.

    That’s rather ironic because I’ve always been given to believe that Nokia devices are more rugged than competition. I’ve also dropped my LG phone a couple of times with the battery cover and the battery flying off, but I’ve not managed to even crack the screen.

  5. i think some of these services centres charge too much.

    my wife once tested the oleophobic properties of her Nokia 5230-by immersing it in hot banga soup!.

    Was in Nokia Care and another professional Chinko repair Shop in Ikeja- to get the screen replaced.

    they were charging something like half the cost of the device then!

    i eventually took a risk and replaced the touchscreen “locally” for about a quarter of what those professional shops were charging me.

    since then, seeing that the roadside guy is good, I have been patronizing him, rather than the high falutin Repair Shops, to save me some good money.

    no regrets, so far.

    but for truly highend devices, you would probably be better off paying the cutthroat charges, for peace of mind. buying devices with warranty is also important for that class of devices.

  6. Bros, don’t dull yourself o……..Under normal condition Nokia care centres, reduces the cost of repair for damaged phones that are still on warranty(not more than 1 year of usuage)-You can ask them to check it on their system if you are not sure about the period of time of usuage……..What damaged on your phone is called “Digitizer” and not touchscreen display……..Unfortunately it is recorded as touchscreen in their book of entry……lol……I expect them to separate the cost of repair for the digitizer and LCD screen, but both is combined as one which makes the cost of repair high……. The digitizer of my phone(Nokia C7) gat broken 3 months ago, then I took it to Nokia Care Centre in Ilorin…….The lady that attended to me on that day brought out a book which contains the cost of repair of all Nokia phones on planet earth…….lol….She opened to C series page and to my suprise I was shocked when she said that am gonna pay N15000 only for the repair……..I collected the book from her to check if I or she was dreaming……lol…..Unfortunately she was right……she checked her system to confirm if my phone was still on warranty so as to reduce the cost but it wasn’t on warranty…….so, I begged her that she should help me in reducing the cost, so she later agreed and reduced it to N10000 only…… begging tinz make her reduce am o, no b everyone dey help do dat o……*winks*…….In conclusion, I was given a call after some days that my phone have been repaired……Note: Nokia Care Centres accepts part payment and full payment later…….One just have to be careful with usage of smartphones bcos when it comes repair no b small tin o…….

  7. Nokia has serious design flaws with their new smartphones. In December 2012, I mistakenly dropped my Nokia Lumia 710 and to my greatest surprise, the screen got broken. I took it to Nokia Care at Ikeja for repairs and was told to pay N30,000 for the phone screen. I shouted at the top of my voice asking why a phone they sell for N36,000 at their store would cost N30,000 for a screen replacement. The woman went inside, talked to some guys and within 3 minutes, she was back telling me to pay 20,000. I was so angry and had to leave.

    Sometime in 2011, I broke a Nokia N8 Screen and could easily change it for N5,000 at the same store. Why are phone screens costing this much nowadays? I had to check the cost of replacing the screen of the Nokia Lumia 800 since i was thinking of a replacement and it was N40,000 on their list. Now every plans of getting any Lumia handset is slowing fading away. I don’t care if the phone’s screen is connected with what ever bullshit they say it is. All we’re interested in is a phone that can be easily repaired.

    I rest my case.

  8. wow smae story here my nokia 701 broke and i was asked to bring 8k. But my friend’s c7 was repaired with just 3k. Imagine. I suspect rhose care wokers ni

  9. looks like the new Nokia’s no longer have ruggedness as one of its attributes, or what?

    so many reported cases of broken Nokua screens!

    my Sony Ericsson xPeria Pro fell from my eye level (am about 5ft.11) onto a concrete floor.

    not a scratch, not a dent. now that IS simply impressive

    perhaps i was just lucky?

  10. It’s packaging man. The E63 was like rubber, strong and rugged. The E6 on the other hand was like a china Tea cup. happy to know Samsung are getting it right with their strong and rugged galaxy Touch screens.

  11. Hmmmmm….when my N8 stopped working in 2011 because water got into it, I had to pay N15k to Nokia Care Abuja to fix it. If it was a hardware problem, I would have taken it to the much-cheaper phone technicians.

  12. my 603 screen got cracked after three months usage (july, 2012). It was even the second fall that caused the damage. I have not even bothered repairing cos i cant risk damaging it by taking to a layman. Somehow my instincts tell me, nokia will charge 10k and above. So i have been using the phone like that for d last six months!

  13. Mine fell for more than ten times before it cracked, so i guess the ruggedness is still there. Just this cost issue.

  14. It should be cheaper in Computer village but you are in Ibadan.

    If am to do it at Nokia I will ask them to give me the one they removed from it.

    Anyways, displays are always very expensive be it Phones, Tabs or TVs.

  15. a note2 screen broke recently and learned it will cost a normal user 58k to change. The owner is a samsung staff so got it done for free. i guard my note2 jealously especially around my little daughter. but it has fallen a couple of times from the hands of people that have a problem holding it firmly because of its size. Thank God for gorilla glass 2.

  16. Omg. My galaxy tab 2 10.1 screen just got broken by my one year old girl. She just sat and relaxed on it. Where can I really get a replacement screen?

  17. lol. She had pampers on. The scratch is just small and the screen didnt shatter just cracks on the screen. Thanks for the reply on i-cell.
    may have to look for how to send it through DHL to any authorised centre during the week.

  18. yesterday my nokia 603 display got liquid damage due to sweat… While placing in shirt pocket…… Today i replaced with new display it cost me 2270 rupees in india…..

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