Neonto turns your ideas into Android OS & iOS apps without coding!

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Neonto Studio is a software that lets you make real Android OS and iOS apps from a graphical user interface. No coding. Just design your app visually and get native, high-quality iOS and Android code instantly. When done, you get Xcode and Android Studio project files with all source code and assets – ready to be run on a real device or sent to an app store.

This changes the face of mobile app development and puts the power in the hands of visual designers. However, Neonto is available in beta version and only for Mac at the moment.

Read more about Neonto Studio and download for use.


  1. Good effort.

    But then, like the old Code Generators, this would be useful only for trivial apps.

    You need some serious level programming. go learn how to do proper coding!

  2. @ebeekay that’s what people used to say about website design until WordPress came into the picture. Just give it time. After all we don’t need programming skills to use Windows or mac os.

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