Hollup! The new Netflix regions have access to just 12% of content

So, Netflix is now available in Nigeria and tons more countries. But it still is a case of Animal Farm. Not all regions are equal. In this case, UnoTelly tells us that the new netflix regions have a maximum number of 600 TV and movie titles available compared to 14,156 TV and movie titles available right now across 24 Netflix regions. That is a puny 4% of what is available to everyone else.

Netflix numbers

But then, we are guessing that no region has full access to all 14,000 titles. From UnoTelly:

The expansion is a great initiative to improve access to content in countries where Netflix wasn’t available, but not all Netflix regions are created equally. For example, Netflix South Africa has 678 TV and movie titles available. Netflix India has 739 titles available. Compare that with the 5,659 titles available on Netflix United States.

That gives us roughly 12% of content for South Africa and India in comparison to the USA. 600 to 700 titles is better than nothing though. We can only imagine that over time, the number of available titles will grow and become as large as what obtains anywhere else in the world. Have you signed up for Netflix since the expansion announcement last week? What has been your experience with the service? Also, do tell us which internet service you use with it.

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