A few things about network signal reception on your device

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I am sitting here at my desk on a quiet Monday morning. My office location is on the fringe of both 4G networks that are my team’s saving grace for usable internet. As such, 4G network signal here is weak. Every other network available here is useless once the time clocks 8am. Horrible congestion.

Network Signal

I switch our active 4G LTE SIM card from one phone to another to run some tests. It doesn’t take me a long time to see that one smartphone outperforms the other in finding and holding on to the network signal. One does it very well. The other is mostly a frustrating experience. It is barely able to hold on to the weak signal that dances around us.

Taken. For Granted

When most people talk about smartphones, modems and mifis, they hardly put this vital factor into consideration. No surprise either. We take network coverage for granted.

But if you live on the fringes of network coverage or travel through the countryside enough, you will be better off with a smartphone, modem, or mifi whose network signal handling is superior. You will be happy to have a phone that can hold on to a signal when most others have let go.

Dual SIM Slots Are Affected Too

Another industry fact is that in dual SIM phones, sometimes, one SIM slot has better signal reception than the other. Some manufacturer specify which does. Usually, it is the slot recommended for data.

What Phones Have Strong Network Signal Reception?

Years ago, Nokia used to be the king of network signal reception. The Huawei GR3 is excellent at holding on to a weak network signal. I have compared with a few other devices, and it has come tops till date. Have you done any comparisons of your own? Do share.

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  1. Mu Umi Rome phone sucks terribly at this and at a point I felt one of the network providers was suffering from a city-wide dip in 3G reception/quality, this was until I experienced similar issues using other SIMs as well.

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