The following was submitted by our regular, Harry Echemco: I just got this text from Airtel: Re-live exciting browsing moments with the NEW Airtel Surf

New Airtel Surf Plan – 500MB For N1,300?

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airtel logoThe following was submitted by our regular, Harry Echemco:

I just got this text from Airtel:

Re-live exciting browsing moments with the NEW Airtel Surf Plan. Dial *141*712*12# to enjoy 500MB worth of data for N1300 only valid for 30 days!

Any other person in the house got the same message? I’ve not confirmed this from their website or elsewhere, if this is true, then this year is going to be wonderful in the mobile space, notwithstanding the fuel subsidy removal.

My present plan on Etisalat runs out on the 9th of next month, I will be able to tell then, but I hope this is not repeat of what they did last year. In any case, I’m going to confirm this before subscribing to the plan.

Personally, I haven’t received such a message on my Airtel line yet, but who wouldn’t hope that this is true? The ripple effects would be nice for consumers’ pockets.

Have you received a similar message from Airtel, or have access to any info to confirm the above?

  1. wat me i’ve seen is 250mb for 1000. dey advertised dat in the papers wit sme symbian belle fones. check today’s (28th jan 12) punch newspaper.

  2. Here is d msg i got from Airtel on 16th, Re-live exciting browsing moments with the NEW Airtel Midi Plan.Dial *141*712*13# to enjoy 250MB worth of data for N1300 only-valid for 30 days

  3. that may be a premium attached to your line. two years ago Etisalat gave me a bonus like dat. i was called from their customer care desk and told to use certain codes for a pre-defined data plan which i noticed was not feasible on other etisalat lines around me. later the offer stopped.

  4. Hey guys,

    Remember what happened last year? Same Airtel again? I’ll be extra careful if I were you. Thank God I no longer use Airtel data anymore. These guys are notorious & known for raising your expectations and then dashing your hopes. They also have a way of apologizing after they have eaten your money.

    Please double and triple check their text messages before acting. They should not con us this time around.

  5. Are you sure that is not the #2000 plan.I got an info that the #1300 data plan is for 250MB with this code *141*712*13#.I even successfully subscribed this data plan for my boss at work. You know Airtel are guilty of bungling their info at times remember the 1000MB for #1000 which turned out to be 100MB plan instead.

  6. I also got a similar text as Chibyike de Virus™ some days back, but deleted it promptly because I’m already getting a better deal from Etisalat. If this proves to be false again, then it is simply obvious that Airtel is intentionally spreading falsehood except it is a premium attached to my line as fortespy noted. I’ve tried to call their customer care line several times without success.

    Whatever this thing is, I’m not taking it without a confirmation from some reliable source.

  7. Even if this is true and available to all, I would not touch it. Not even with a long pole, because their data service sucks.

  8. I got the message that says 250mb costs #1300, that’s what I’m using right now, Airtel data is just too slow, even when you are in an area with 3g, it’s still unreliable. Good help Airtel, this is 2012…

  9. I saw the offer on someone else’s phone and it was for 250mb. I wonder how this person came up with 500mb as no one else seems to have seen it.

    Whether 250mb or 500mb Airtel sucks either way. They claimed I had used up 1GB in two days when I had used less than 100mb. Turned out their was a problem with their network and they had no idea how much was used but never credited me my unused data.

    Add to that where I am their network works intermittently when it’s overcast – God forbid it rains because your phone becomes a decoration and you can’t do a thing with it – and the data bundle disappears quicker with them than with any other network I’ve used. If I wasted money on either bundle I would either use it up in a week or rarely be able to use it.

  10. am sure glo & etisalat are reading this and similing.For now we will stick with them.
    what happened to Econet> Vodacom>Vmobile>Celtel>Zain> see the jinx? I paid N7,500 for my econet sim,4years later i break the sim and bury it,because of the same issues 9yrs later.its ovbious despite name changes the spirit has remained the same.which of the gods in the Land did they offend?
    The first has become the last!

  11. The best deal ever, on Airtel is 1gb dataplan for 30 days at 1450 naira. I’ve been using it for sometime now. Send ‘socialmonth’ as a text message to 440 to activate it. I think the plan was meant for blackberry users but i’m using it both on phone and PC. This one is real.

  12. This would really be a blast if it is confirmed to be true. i was cruising the N2500/3Gb/30days night plan for a long time cos somehow, d plan ley me browse on d bundle during the day also. But this was until december last year when they plugged that lil awoof window. Now i am forced to pay N3000 for 1Gb for 30days and it aint funny. Saidige, u sure u pay 1450 for 1Gb for 30days?

  13. Being Airtel, I don’t trust their data services.

    This may just start another price reduction battle among the other gsm operators. While their QoS continues to suffer.

  14. Everyone keeps running Airtel’s data services down but v got nothing but v got.nothing but praise for them. Been using it for the past two years with Ajah and mainland ikeja and ilupeju and its been everything i want.

  15. @ Chibyke and others, I would take saiddigge’s comments with a pinch of salt. Tried it month or so ago on 3 different non-Blackberry phones and it didn’t work on any of them.

    @ Amaechi ilo – good for you if it works for you. I live in the opposite direction and that is my experience from my end of Lagos. I’m sure if I travel to Ikeja, Agege, Ajah, Ilupeju, Surulere or Mushin my experence would be different.

    I’ve been using their service for three years and have watched it steadily deteriorate.

  16. Yes @Amaechi/Chibike et al, i’m perfectly sure of what i said. I activated it on this same phone i’m commenting with and its the same 1gb i’m using right now. Dunno about other brands but i know it works on Nokia S40 phones. I also used the phone as a modem through Nokia PC Suite and the speed was not so bad, it is especially fast between midnight and

  17. @saiddigge’s trick does work, dont forget to change ur APN to ‘’ sha

  18. how true is the 200MB for 1000 naira package. Even their agents at customer care are nt certain.

  19. New Airtel Internet bundles: 500MB @N2000: *141*712*12#
    250MB @N1300: *141*712*13#
    200MB @N1000: *141*712*4#
    50MB @N600: *141*712*14#

  20. 50mb for 600naira a month? Thats rather lame. The price should be 400naira for 75mb a month…or even 500 naira for 100mb a month!

  21. @ shayman, I don’t think it’s supposed to make sense to us mortals. We’re supposed to look at it and spend the extra N400 for the 100/200mb bundle.

  22. I got the text on airtel Nigeria and I’m yet to try it which will be any time today. I’ll let you guys know the outcome.

  23. @noni
    airtel is so disorganised. I pity them. 600naira for 50mb? Wen u have 1000naira for 200mb? Whats the sense?

  24. I tried the *141*712*12# code hoping to get credited with 500mb with a max balance of N1300, and instead got an error msg ‘you ve insufficient balance…’ I tried the code *141*712*13# and was credited with 250mb instantly. It might be one day, or so, promo, or an error of some sort that went beyond them. No one will know for sure as they ve refused to get comments across to their esteem user base on this issue.

  25. @dommmy2000, according to the information provide by veritas, *141*712*12# is the 500mb N2000 package.

    So it seems like it’s another Airtel error. Not so long ago they sent out a text message offering some users 10mb for 3 days (think it was one of those “rewardz” things), with an expiry date that was supposed to be three days later. Somehow some people got expiry dates for all sorts of years, from 1999 to 2111 and even 9999! That’s Airtel for you.

  26. its N1300 for 250mb 30days i hv activated for 2frnds bt one of them got 500mb when we later check their balance, also d vilidty also extnd til may 24.

  27. i always subscribe 3k for 1GB , i normally call 141 to subscribe , i dont know the code, but to my greatest surprise they never mentioned my plan when i called this evening .. can anyone help please?

  28. These telecom people just come to Nigeria and do whatever they like! It is alarming to note that in india, 100mb is approximately N170/48Rupees! But here they give ”throat cuttings” prices. This l think is fraudulent!

  29. @Eric: dey wud probably tell u (and it’s most likely true) dat dey dont run on diesel generators 24/7 in India hence the price difference! Naija has a lot of work to do!

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