New Android user? Here are 12 things you should never try

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As a new smartphone user, there’s that thrill to do everything, try everything, install every app. Oh yea 😀 been there, done that. You better relax first and take it easy, else you might ‘press spoil’ on your new device. I decided to compile a list of things you should never try as a new Android phone user.


  1. Installing apps from unknown or untrusted sources (trusted sources include, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and F-Droid).
  2. Installing an antivirus app. Wonder why? Read this article HERE.
  3. Clearing your RAM constantly. This is equivalent to switching off your car’s ignition after every stop in traffic. The car takes longer (or more effort) to restart- same with apps.
  4. Installing task managers. We only recommend Greenify, here’s why.
  5. Installing apps with clearly unnecessary permissions. E.g a music player app shouldn’t have access to your contacts.
  6. Rooting without careful preparation and research. Only for men of great courage 😛
  7. Installing one or more battery saving apps. See why HERE.
  8. Disabling apps you do not know their purpose without researching first. Seriously, never do this!!
  9. Run away from Clean Master or any of it’s numerous clones tagged “CM”. It is full of ads and malware!!
  10. Buying a phone without researching its likelihood of receiving updates. If this matter to you, don’t buy in the first place.
  11. Expecting a budget phone to have everything, or expecting a higher priced device to be perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect device, and here’s why?
  12. Installing about without reading anything about them. E.g Chainfire 3D.. Jelly Bean and KitKat users can testify 😆

Lastly, for those in supported countries: Purchasing Play Store credit with the intent of buying phones with it. You are strictly on your own. Did I miss any other thing? Do share in the comments box.






  1. 13. Using Screen guard abi screen protector on Android devices with Gorilla Glass Protection. ??

  2. On Clean Master app, which is which? An earlier write up you made reference to here, advised to have CM, as it is a good tool.

    Kindly explain your stand…a final verdict please.


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