New CDMA telco, CAPCOM, targets LTE/4G data, not voice

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CAPCOM is the new company being formed from the Merger of Starcomms, Multilinks and MTS First Wireless. It has been reported that the new company is receiving fresh capital to the tune of US$200 million.

What is interesting is the fact that CAPCOM’s focus will primarilly be broadband data, not voice. They have their eyes on Multilinks extensive fibre network. CAPCOM also wants to acquire 20 Mhz of spectrum in the 1900Mhz frequency that will allow it to become the first national LTE broadband operator.

With an existing data consumer base of 160,000, CAPCOM wants to push for 2.5 million 4G/LTE broadband customers by 2016. Ambituous, if you ask me. The focus on data makes sense through and through. CDMA’s robustness for data is well known. In addition, I personally doubt that any CDMA operator can challenge the dominance of the GSM operators in the voice sector anymore. The voice battle has been fought and lost to GSM operators.

I look forward to seeing CAPCOM running and flexing muscles a bit. At the end of the day, their success is a plus for thee market and consumers who desire broadband internet access.


  1. I’m just curious as to whether CAPCOM will be offering real LTE or the Nigerian equivalent of LTE (like “broadband”)

    Very much a case of watch this space.

  2. @Noni:

    I’m just curious as to whether CAPCOM will be offering real LTE or the Nigerian equivalent of LTE (like “broadband”)

    I read it somewhere recently that the specifications for LTE standards have not been finalized. Even in the USA, some networks were and are still marketing HSPA+ as 4G. As the Evolution in the name will suggest, what we consider 4G/LTE today may become very slow tomorrow. For instance, just compare the original GPRS with EDGE or the original 3G with HSPA or even HSPA+.

  3. I wish them all the best in their direction i do wish that they can come up with very competitive data plans

  4. @ Harry, I mean like currently, some operators are touting EDGE as “broadband” in Nigeria.

    Thus I want to know if LTE will be a stylish way of giving us CDMA x1 or actually giving us something near HSDPA speeds.

  5. a merger of Starcomms, Multilinks and MTS First Wireless; that has to be phenomenal. if it were up to me, would like to see them in the voice ,market as well. being late doesnt make one a loser.

    Aha! i finally figured out how to register. Mr mo, how come i was previously registered (it told me my email had been previously registered. had to request for a new password). did i do something without knowing??

  6. this must be good news for their customers. I have a Starcomms usb modem I have not used in EONs.

    wonder if it can still be woken up..

  7. If no one’s going to say it I will
    This is what I think about this network.

  8. I wonder if “CAPCOM” isn’t infringing on copyright of the game company also going by the same name. Can’t they just use a different name instead of putting themselves in a position where they can be liable to future litigation.

  9. @muyiscoi:

    The copyright thing doesn’t work that way. This is just a local company here in Nigeria and I doubt the CAPCOM game company knows that Nigeria exists not to talk of registering there name here in Nigeria.

    If there should be copyright case tomorrow, the Nigerian CAPCOM is most likely going to be the one on the offensive. Haven’t you you heard of Apple’s trademark dispute with a little local company in China over the iPad name? Of course Apple eventually settled the local company handsomely.

  10. This country still has a very long way to go. In order to be technologically advanced we need a fibre/cable based internet service capable of at least HSDPA speeds. Wireless connections (for now) are meant for mobile devices and places that would be financially irresponsible to build networks to. Where is our national telecoms operator ala BT?

  11. @zsch, If your talking about rukia from bleach then no, i only said that to point out the fact that this new network’s name is exactly the same name as the company that created street fighter which is CAPCOM.

    Anybody who is familiar street fighter knows that quote.

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