New HTC Android smartphones get 5GB on Dropbox

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In what I regard as a solid move to further differentiate their Android lineup of smartphones, HTC have struck a deal with Dropbox to bundle 5GB of cloud storage with their new smartphones running Sense 3.5 forward.

HTC Rhyme Android Gingerbread

Users of the newest Android handsets will get a bonus 3GB of storage in addition to the standard 2GB of free storage offered by Dropbox to all users.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets users sync files across PCs and mobile devices.

For now, the only smartphone running HTC Sense 3.5 is the recently announced Rhyme. WindowsPhone devices from HTC will not be getting this service, as Microsoft’s cloud service, SkyDrive, is already embedded into the OS.


  1. Spacyzuma, you need to do that. Dropbox is Nice to try.

    However I don’t see much HTC presence in Nigeria. Samsung seems to have dominated the Market!

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