New iPod Touch may be announced September 7

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While this news item does not exactly fall under the scope of this website – mobile devices with network radioes built-in, we must not forget that devices like the iPod Touch can make for good accessories to mobile phones.

Every September each year Apple announces new products especially its iPod group of products. The iPod Touch in particular interests me.

ipod touch

According to Bloomberg, a U.S. news agency, and PCWORLD, the 2010 Apple event would be held on September 7th – barely two weeks from now. The obvious speculation here is that there will be a revamp of the iPod line of Apple products. Another forecast is that an Apple TV called iTV will also be released.

The new iPod Touch is speculated to feature a front and forward facing camera. It may also likely resemble the iPhone 4 in hardware design and features. As such we should be expecting the following new hardware/software features in the new ipod touch (4th Generation).

  1. Beautiful Gorilla glass body -a gorgeous thing on a phone
  2. External Wi-Fi antenna
  3. Front and back facing camera with likely ability to use Facetime (video calling via Wi-Fi)
  4. Retina display
  5. Factory fitted iOS4
  6. And perhaps the video editing feature of the iphone 4; imovie!
  7. 1 GigaHertz CPU (A4)
  8. 512 Megabyte RAM

For those of us that have been holding off buying the iPhone 4 because of the exorbitant price (About 200,000 Naira in Nigeria), this is your chance to actually use something close and perhaps as gorgeous as the iPhone 4. The iPod Touch 4th generation is likely to be an iPhone 4 look-alike but without the GSM/3G antenna.

It should thus be able to do all that the iPhone 4 can do apart from making and receiving calls. But some may claim it could still make calls perhaps via wireless (by Wi-Fi) through Skype or Fring apps for instance. All these depend on your perspective.

I just have to warn you though, given the secretiveness of Apple, all these forecasts mentioned above may just well be only speculations. However, Apple has not failed us over the years in its yearly September announcements. And I believe if any of these come true, this may be the best selling iPod Touch of all time. We may soon have in our hands a genuine iPhone 4 substitute.


  1. “But some may claim it

    could still make calls perhaps
    via wireless (by Wi-Fi)
    through Skype or Fring apps”

    as internet access becomes progressively dirt-cheap and the speed picks up steam, an item like this itouch may actually replace true mobile phones for actual calls.

    can VOIP calls truly replace conventional calls? in this climes, it probably eventually will..

    on a personal level, i doubt if i would bother buying a product such as this! how many gadgets will i carry about? i hate clutter. already, i have successfully eliminated my digital diary, wrist watch, alarm clock, camera, my ubiquitous postit notepads & pencil, table calendar, diary, dictionary/thesaurus, fm radio – you get the pix. why add another sigadget when it offers no unique service?

    but then, there is a lil bit of the child in all of us. children love toys – especially when it is mew. , and smooth like skill.

    the ipod, from a practical point of view, is a superfluous product…

  2. Apple has finally announced the date for its ipod event. It is now going to be Wednesday, September 1st. Just next week. I should follow it live!

  3. This is nice. I have been hoping to get an iphone 4 somehow. But with the new ipod touch, I feel this would be something closer to the iphone. If it is any where as gorgeous as the iphone 4, with the “Gorilla” glass back and front; and the superb ips LCD retina display. I should buy it, drop my iphone 3gs and get a Nokia 8. At least with the ipod touch, I won’t totally miss out from great ios UI.

  4. “While this news item does not exactly fall under the scope of this website – mobile devices with network radioes built-in, we must not forget that devices like the iPod Touch can make for good accessories to mobile phones.”

    I would like to disagree with Afewgoodmen on that statement above. First of all, this website is regarded as mobilitynigeria. As such it should cater for ALL mobile products no matter the type. Whether those with Wi-Fi only and other features (ipod touch). Or those mobile types that actually make calls (mobile phone).

    Why am I particular with this line of argument? I have seen a product like the ipad get reviewed on this site without this comment. Even Conectify or cyber cafés were also reviewed here. So why the change in anthem midway? As far as I am concerned the ipod touch is a mobile product. And mobilityNigeria should be able to carry it. It is just not an accessory to a phone. Because it is used as a stand alone and separate product in everyday use.

  5. @Bayoabu. Noted. I thought so myself. Nevertheless, Let us wait for what Yomi has to say. your point is noted once again. Cheers.

  6. Bayoabu,

    Unfortunately, you are wrong about the focus of this site. is specifically focused on mobile phones – mobile devices with network radios built-in. However, in recent times, we have sort of accommodated devices like the iPad and the iPod Touch though they do not specifically fall under the category of mobile phones.

    That clause in the article is not only valid, but necessary, so that the focus of the site is not lost.

    Incidentally, the only articles on this site about the iPad were written of recent by Afewgoodmen, the very same person that you are “disagreeing” with now.

  7. Sometimes I wonder why the iPhone 4 is so expensive but each time I test an iDevice i see a difference, If I dont buy an iPhone 4, i will sure buy the 4th Generation iPod Touch.

    I have also eliminated all those things and i think the next thing to be eliminated is your wallet (Apple is pulling something in this aspect and Nokia is doing Nokia Money).

    But the need to carry 2 devices is increasing day by day but i say no to 3.

    2 is a company but 3 is a crowd.

  8. @bosun99uk. Yes, Like you, I wonder sometimes why Apple products are that expensive. Nevertheless, I love them because there is always a difference. Good build, gorgeous, metallic finishings, and durability.

    The ipod touch 4th generation is a must for me too.

  9. @Yomi Adegboye.
    One could argue that in the ipad, there is a network radio built in. That is so in the ipad 3G, you have a similar gsm/3g radio built in that could be used for calls in stand alone phones. When it comes to Tech product, it always difficult to have a clear distinction because tech products are like different shades of grey. Just like a spectrum. Not a simple black is black and white is white analogy!

    Or how would you classify the new Samsung galaxy tablet (P100), which has a 7-inch LCD diagonal and yet has a 3g/gsm radio for making and receiving calls?!

  10. Afewgoodmen,

    It is really simple: any device with a built-in network radio qualifies. Any device without is ancillary.

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