New Mediatek MT6595 flaunts eight CPU cores, 4G LTE for mid-range phones

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MediaTek chipset

Mediatek has gone stark raving mad. Soon, you will not need a high-end smartphone to get the best performance possible. Chip maker, Mediatek, have announced a newocta-core chip at a fraction of the cost. Besides good performance on your mid-range smartphone, you also get improved battery usage. An excerpt from a news report:

The real beauty, says Mediatek, is the MT65695’s ability to fire up each of its cores one by one to weigh in on any given task. So if you command your phone to play a music track while it’s sitting in your pocket (with the screen off) then just one core jumps into action. More intensive activities such as HD video or gaming require the extra might of two, three, or even all four cores. The upside is you get all the power you need but only when you need it. As a result the battery should take less of a hit, and less often.

Sounds impressive? Yes; Mediatek has gone stark raving mad. Long live Mediatek.

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  1. Kudos!

    Time was, when your cheapest PC would set you back some good money. We know the situation, now. .

    We probably can look forward to when powerful devices would drop drastically in price,as technology improves.

    A matter of time..

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